Virgo Public Relations

At Virgo PR, we push the boundaries of traditional marketing and public
relations strategies
. We create personalized brand campaigns that help our
clients build  and disrupt industries.

PR Services

Virgo PR offers our clients PR services that deliver results that lead to growth and conversions. The Virgo PR team is made up of skilled and experienced public relations and marketing professionals who use our knowledge of PR and the client’s industry to drive growth for brands.

Integrated Marketing

Through our integrated marketing campaigns, the brand will receive a detailed and unified growth strategy that meets its own short and long-term goals and ideals.

Public Rеlations

At Virgo PR, the team of PR experts understands what stories matter and attract the right attention, as well as how to keep brands ahead of the curve and at the front of people’s minds.

Strategic Planning

Having any sort of campaign entails a lot of planning, strategy, focus, and direction - all things that clients get when working with Virgo PR.

Event Management

Planning and executing events can be a long and laborious experience for anyone, whether they have the right experience and connections or not.

Reputation Management

A brand’s reputation is an investment in itself, and businesses looking for success must pay a lot of attention to their reputation.

Influencer Marketing and Celebrity Marketing

Matching the right celebrities or influencers with the right brands might come easy to some.

Product Integration

Reaching the right audiences in a crowded world where everyone demands the public’s attention is made easier through the right product integration.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

The team of professionals at Virgo PR are a master of all popular social media platforms.

Report Creation

Reporters love data and insights. At Virgo PR, we help our clients create reports from start to finish using data that we know will spark interest from mainstream and vertical specific media outlets.

Virgo Public Relations

Virgo PR works with valuable clients that we believe in to create campaigns where we’re sure that we’re able to achieve great results when working together. We’ve worked with brands and markets across various industries, such as ridesharing, sports, technology, designer toys, entertainment, machine learning and cloud solutions, and more. Our clients range from notable global brands to mid-sized companies, as well as fresh startups looking to make a breakthrough in a difficult industry and grow.

Virgo PR offers our clients services to drive growth, engagement, sales, and increase lead generation and conversions. Virgo PR helps brand’s; whether it is looking for a tailor-made public relations campaign integrated with digital marketing across social media platforms, or product placement that’s going to reach a wider audience.  Connecting with the right influencers or celebrities and working on a campaign, or simply launching an attractive event that’s going to get everyone’s attention.

Our team of professionals in all things PR and marketing support brands in building PR strategy and PR campaigns that allow you to better understand your brand and industry.

We’re able to execute worldwide integrated campaigns for our clients’ brands by playing on the strengths and constraints of any niche.

Through our influencer or celebrity campaigns, we’re able to help different organizations reach their goals and grab the right audiences’ attention. We have all the know-how, drive, and the right connections to do this, and happily work with clients to achieve their goals.

At Virgo PR, we’re able to leverage traditional and contemporary public relations and marketing strategies to build and manage campaigns that are going to reach hundreds or thousands of different relevant contacts within the brand’s industry, in the media, key investors, relevant industry influencers, science organizations, and any other relevant community.

Being early adopters means that the team at Virgo PR understands the social media landscape today. We also have experience in leveraging the right channels and platforms to promote our clients in the best way possible. With digital marketing and reputation management, we’re also able to utilize an even wider range of channels where clients can gain more exposure and reach their target audiences.

Finally, by utilizing our deep understanding of key issues and trends within various market sectors, we can work with clients who want to become established in their industries and niches through proven methods and support while maintaining a great public image.

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