Consumer Public Relations

Virgo’s team members have a vast experience in consumer media relations with an emphasis on influencer and same placements, reaching target audiences, from launch to expansion


Virgo specializes in elevating your consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand, shaping compelling stories that resonate with consumers and drive demand for your products.

Fashion & Beauty

Transform your fashion and beauty brand into a trendsetter with Virgo PR's strategic communication, connecting you with influencers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Food & Beverage

Amplify your food and beverage offerings with our agency's expertise, creating mouthwatering narratives that engage foodies and position your products at the forefront of culinary innovation.

Consumer Electronics

In the world of consumer electronics, Virgo PR crafts captivating narratives that highlight the features and benefits of your technology, connecting with tech-savvy consumers.


Navigate the emerging cannabis industry with our proven PR strategies, building credibility and trust for your brand in this rapidly evolving sector.

Health & Wellness

Promote health and wellness products and services with Virgo PR, emphasizing their positive impact on consumers' well-being and lifestyle choices.


Enhance your retail brand's visibility and relevance with our support, creating engaging stories that drive foot traffic and online sales.


In the hospitality sector, Virgo PR elevates your brand by showcasing unique guest experiences, attracting travelers and creating a loyal customer base.


Engage sports enthusiasts and fans with our PR expertise, connecting your sports-related products or services with the passion and excitement of the sports world.

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What is Consumer PR?

Businesses that are looking to generate more exposure and reach a larger audience can rely on Virgo PR to create consumer PR campaigns that will effectively communicate with the public. There are several different ways that Virgo PR can help clients generate more exposure and engagement including through storytelling, omnichannel promotional efforts, and authenticity.

Virgo’s Expertise in Consumer PR

The top modern PR strategies are all focused on empowering the target audience in a way that they will be able to make more informed purchasing decisions. The team at Virgo PR has the necessary expertise and experience to get clients to reach their desired results, reach their consumers, and generate media coverage in the market.

What to Expect with Virgo


Since Consumer PR is all about companies reaching their target audiences and helping them make more informed purchases, clients can expect a tailor-made approach that will position them as industry leaders, develop a community of loyal consumers around the business and foster personal and authentic relationships with the audience with the help of Virgo PR.

Client Experience

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