About Us

Welcome to The Virgo PR Agency

Virgo PR is an agency that strives to create campaigns that can delight audiences and attract their attention. We focus on helping our clients tackle their goals and challenges more efficiently through our wide variety of services. 

When working with clients, we work from the ground up and start by learning about the client’s business and their position within their respective industry and all of their current and past efforts. Then, through our tools and services, and by pairing our talented team with amazing clients, we’re able to create personalized campaigns that can meet any of their goals.

We’re an NYC based PR agency comprised of a diverse team that’s looking to work with attractive clients across different industries. A typical brand’s goal is to get leads that convert and the most amount of attention possible, and we’re here to provide all of that through insightful strategies and high-quality execution. 

Through strategic public relations and marketing campaigns that can fuel remarkable stories, we’re able to help clients get their brands noticed, generate quality and qualified leads, convert them, and create returning customers that will impact the company’s bottom line.

We strategically plan each of our client’s public relations and marketing campaigns, requiring a lot of direction and focus. We analyze the client’s goals and current situation and create a personalized, integrated campaign that will drive value across all available channels.

Our campaigns are aimed to target, attract, and motivate the target audiences to take action and convert, and even become brand ambassadors through our attention-grabbing strategies. When developing and executing brand events, we’re able to communicate our client’s brand message, whether through a striking product or service launch or live events that reach the right crowds and have everyone want to attend and talk about them. 

We also have all of the right tools, technologies, and tactics in place that is required for brands looking for reputation management or digital marketing campaigns, as we’re able to keep a close eye on every potential or developing situation and insert the right content or information that’s going to turn any situation into a positive experience both for the brand and for its target audience.

Our team understands the value of paid, earned, and organic media, as well as the key roles that these different channels play when reflecting the brand’s image and reputation. This is why we have the knowledge and the relationships required to leverage all of these outlets in the right way when brands are looking to reach their goals and drive conversations.

And for brands looking to reach people in a unique way, we also offer product integration, where the client’s product can be found even in the most crowded and distracted markets through strong yet subtle product placement that can positively reach an even bigger audience.

The agency is a sister agency of 5WPR, one of America’s ten largest independently owned PR firms.