Healthcare Public Relations

The Virgo team has the unique ability to convey difficult scientific concepts to broad audiences, whether clinical trial results or mechanisms of action, Virgo understands communicating in the healthcare environment

Life Sciences

As a PR agency, we specialize in elevating the profile of life sciences companies, highlighting breakthrough discoveries and innovations that advance healthcare and science.


For the diagnostics sector, our PR strategies are tailored to communicate the reliability and importance of your diagnostic tools, ensuring they gain recognition and trust among healthcare professionals and the public.

Digital Health

Navigate the rapidly evolving field of digital health with our expertise, promoting your technology solutions that improve patient care and access to healthcare services.

Health Education

Promote health education initiatives effectively with our PR support, engaging audiences and emphasizing the value of informed decision-making in healthcare.

Clinical Stage

Position your clinical stage projects as the future of medicine with our PR strategies, connecting you with investors, partners, and stakeholders in the healthcare industry.


Amplify the impact of healthcare providers with our agency, showcasing their commitment to patient care and their contributions to improving overall health.


Highlight the value of medical devices with our PR expertise, ensuring your innovations gain recognition and trust within the healthcare community.


Build awareness and trust in healthcare facilities, from hospitals to clinics, with our PR support, emphasizing their quality of care and patient-centric approach.

Novel Compounds

Promote novel compounds and pharmaceutical breakthroughs with our PR strategies, connecting your research and development efforts with potential investors and the medical community.

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Strategize: Virgo PR devises comprehensive communication strategies customized to the unique needs of healthcare clients, ensuring precise targeting of audiences and impactful campaigns that resonate in the healthcare sector.

Create: Crafting compelling healthcare narratives and content is at the core of our approach, helping healthcare organizations communicate effectively with both the media and the public, making their messages engaging and trustworthy.

Amplify: We understand the paramount importance of media exposure in healthcare. Virgo PR leverages its strong media relationships to amplify healthcare messages across various platforms, enhancing brand visibility and connecting healthcare providers and organizations with their target audiences in an impactful way.

Results in Healthcare PR:

Virgo PR doesn’t just focus on generating media coverage; we excel at helping clients develop stories that leave a lasting impression and deliver a true return on investment. We craft stories that are not only newsworthy but also compelling, relatable, and memorable

Best Practices in Healthcare PR:

The healthcare industry is vast, encompassing various sectors and audiences. Storytelling is crucial in healthcare PR, and Virgo PR excels at helping clients craft compelling narratives, from product launches to partnerships, that resonate with the press and the public.

Why Choose Virgo PR in Healthcare:

Virgo PR goes beyond traditional PR campaigns. We help healthcare clients develop a brand identity and connect with the right journalists and reporters, fostering long-lasting relationships that provide enduring value and real results.

Mistakes to Avoid in Healthcare PR:

One common mistake in healthcare PR is trying to follow trends rather than setting them. Virgo PR encourages clients to be trendsetters, positioning them as leaders in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

Virgo PR’s Unique Approach in Healthcare:

Our team’s background in consumer tech and B2B tech PR allows us to stay ahead of industry changes and appeal to a growing audience interested in the tech aspects of healthcare. We help clients set trends, not just follow them.

Building Strong Relationships in Healthcare PR:

Virgo PR focuses on helping clients build lifelong relationships with influencers, journalists, and editors, providing long-term value and real results.

The Secret to Virgo’s Success: Our Team:

Our team of PR professionals is dedicated to creating personal relationships between clients and the right journalists and reporters. We help clients craft authentic stories, fine-tune their messages, and deliver impactful results.

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