Gaming PR

Gaming PR

Effective gaming PR is all about generating attention from the industry and the market, generating media coverage, and ultimately, getting more people interested in a video game. The creative nature of video games themselves allows for gaming PR to provide companies in the industry with a lot more opportunities in terms of promotion and with the help of Virgo PR achieve more success. Since each client is unique, Virgo PR creates tailor-made PR and campaigns that focus on achieving the client’s goals.

Our Expertise in Gaming PR

These days, there are dozens of video games released every day, which means to truly stand out, companies have to ensure they’re able to give their video game the attention it needs. With the help of the PR strategies and campaigns of Virgo PR, clients can ensure that they get the right results every time, by relying on the top promotional strategies that reach audiences, media outlets, and even the general public to generate the most attention.

What to Expect

Working diligently to provide the top industry results, Virgo PR can help its clients get their video games discovered by the right people through outreach, community building, engagement, media coverage, and overall growth.

Our Results

Through the strategic planning and campaigns of Virgo PR, any company in the gaming industry can experience the same benefits as others that have worked with the agency already have, such as the game development company nWay and the digital strategy and tech venture firm Rebel Ventures.

Case Studies


Planning and executing events can be a long and laborious experience for anyone, whether they have the right experience and connections or not.

Grid Wise

A brand’s reputation is an investment in itself, and businesses looking for success must pay a lot of attention to their reputation.

Green Box

Matching the right celebrities or influencers with the right brands might come easy to some.

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