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Virgo’s team members have a unique track record of success in working with clients in the gaming space, both legacy operators and emerging gamification players


Virgo PR elevates your eSports brand with tailored communication strategies, connecting you with fans, sponsors, and the gaming community to enhance your presence in this competitive industry.

Digital Fashion

In the world of digital fashion, Virgo PR crafts narratives that showcase your virtual style creations, positioning your brand as a trendsetter in this emerging gaming sector.


Navigate the cloud-gaming landscape with Virgo PR's strategic campaigns, ensuring your platform stands out and attracts gamers seeking seamless, on-demand experiences.

Multiplayer Browsing

Engage gamers with multiplayer browsing innovations through our PR expertise, promoting your platform's unique features and fostering a sense of community.


Leverage the power of gamification with Virgo PR, creating immersive stories that captivate users and differentiate your offerings in the gaming market.

Sports Betting

Enter the world of sports betting with confidence, as Virgo PR helps you build trust and credibility, ensuring your platform appeals to both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

Table Gaming

Showcase your table gaming offerings with our PR strategies, connecting with enthusiasts and highlighting the excitement of casino and card games.

VR/AR Gaming

Immerse gamers in the world of VR/AR gaming with Virgo PR, building anticipation and excitement around your immersive experiences and technology.


Explore the possibilities of Web3 in gaming with our PR agency, positioning your brand at the forefront of decentralized gaming and blockchain integration.

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We Rock At Gaming PR

The type of public relations efforts that are most beneficial to companies in this industry is going to allow the business to generate media coverage with the right outlets, and reach target audiences at the same time. Due to the creative nature of the gaming industry, companies tend to have a lot of opportunities to attract attention.

Nevertheless, many companies in the gaming industry need a specific type of PR, which is gaming PR,. However, the companies that want to become memorable both in the eyes of the outlets and the consumers in the long term have to do more than simply generate that type of media coverage. Despite the growth of the industry, a lot of people still don’t know how big it truly is!

Through the right gaming PR strategies, companies in the industry will be able to connect with their target audiences in a way that’s long-lasting. The main idea behind gaming PR is for the PR professionals to become a sort of a communication interface between the client and the public.

Success Stories: 

Instead of focusing solely on generating media coverage with relevant and authoritative outlets as many agencies tend to do, for its clients, Virgo PR has been able to help clients hone in on their unique storytelling opportunities that provide a true return on investment in terms of promotional efforts.

On its own, a company’s story, announcement, or achievement can sometimes be enough to grab attention. However, to truly achieve the type of success that most businesses are looking for, it’s important to develop the story in a way that’s going to be appealing, relatable, and stay in the minds of audiences for a long time.

  • For instance, clients such as Genies, the avatar technology company, generated positive media coverage with relevant outlets while raising brand awareness and noted an increase in engagement from users for the client through successful media placements such as AdAge, Bloomberg, Ad Week, Bloomberg, and others, and partnerships with celebrities from Virgo PR.

  • For the cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse, Ready Player me, Virgo PR was tasked with generating attention and brand recognition through outreach, which resulted in relevant and long-term media coverage for the client. By analyzing the current media landscape and its client, Virgo PR allowed the client to remain at the top of mind for a longer period with relevant placements in media outlets like VentureBeat, CoinDesk, Business Insider, and more, regarding the client’s achievements.

  • The developer, publisher, and tech platform nWay was looking for brand awareness and coverage for its new partnerships that Virgo PR was tasked with delivering. The team of PR professionals secured media coverage in industry trades and other tech outlets such as CNBC, VentureBeat, Digital Trends, and more by establishing its client as an industry leader in its niche.

Gaming PR Best Practices

The sheer size of the gaming media is just as big as the gaming industry itself, incorporating outlets as well as different types of fans and enthusiasts. Storytelling is an important element of gaming PR, and it’s one of the things that Virgo PR does best for its clients. Big, newsworthy stories such as product launches, acquisitions, or partnerships are great storytelling opportunities.

However, aside from those big stories, Virgo PR delves deep into its clients and how they came to be. The agency learns about their creative, and technology, in order to help them tell the best possible stories by connecting them with the right journalists and reporters and allowing the people behind the companies to share their honest opinions and help them achieve their goals.

Many companies believe that working with a PR agency will simply get them media placements and attention-grabbing campaigns. Virgo PR is able to do all that, but the team of PR experts is there to help clients develop lifelong relationships and partnerships with influencers, journalists, and editors that will provide them with more long-term value and real results.

Common Mistakes Gaming Companies Make When Doing Their Own PR

  • Gaming PR is never done for free, even if a company decides to do it on its own. A lot of companies make the mistake of conducting their own PR efforts and campaigns, which generally end up missing the mark because one company can’t be an expert on everything and because there’s a lot of work that goes into PR that businesses might not know about.

  • One of the most common mistakes that companies in the gaming industry try to do their own PR tend to do is following trends instead of setting them. Trends come and go, and they do that quite fast. By the time a company has found a new trend and tried following it in some way, it might already be over, and old news. But by setting trends, not only will a company get in front of the right people, but set itself apart and not have to react to the latest trends.

  • A lot of companies only decide to work with a PR agency to generate some press coverage and push what they think is newsworthy – whether or not it truly is. This can quickly develop in a situation where the agency is trying to pitch the company and its story with no real results.

How Virgo Helps Gaming Companies Stay Ahead Of Their Competition

Many companies in the gaming industry and the agencies that they’re working with in terms of PR tend to follow the lead of others, whether it’s in terms of trends, discussion topics, or even strategies. This is not the way that a company can set itself apart from the market and grab attention.

To do that, a company needs to be setting trends, and Virgo PR has been able to do that time and time again. In fact, Virgo PR gives clients the opportunity to get advice on how the company can best generate coverage with what it has, and which stories are truly newsworthy.

The reason behind all of this is that the core team of PR experts at Virgo PR has a background in consumer tech and B2B tech PR. This has allowed the senior team to work with all kinds of stories and figure out the best way for each one to become appealing for the press and the public.

It’s also allowed them to get ahead of the curve of knowing when the stories are going to be changing inside the industry, and how to appeal to a growing audience of gamers that are getting more interested in the tech industry too. All of this can help their clients get ahead of their market competitors.

To truly succeed, these companies will have to build strong relationships with the right outlets, and communities around their solutions in a way that inspires loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing with the right people. This is where Virgo PR can help its clients.

What Virgo PR can do for clients goes beyond regular PR campaigns, as the team of PR professionals at the agency is also there to help companies develop a brand identity. When paired with a great story that the company should be telling that’s going to grab everyone’s attention through its tailor-made PR efforts and campaigns, clients are able to achieve the success they’re looking for.

What working with Virgo looks like

As a PR agency, Virgo PR is already on top of what’s appealing to outlets and audiences in the industry today. However, to truly break through the noise with the right public relations strategies, companies get a lot more value than simply stories that they can tell to their audiences or pitch to outlets. These types of stories have to be told the right way, at the right time, and to the right people, to truly make a long-lasting impact for companies.

To do that, Virgo PR works with its clients to understand their companies and the way that they operate, to hone in on their unique selling point in a way that will allow the client to create lifelong relationships, both with outlets and with consumers. For many companies, it’s not always the easiest thing to figure out whether they have a story worth telling in the first place, or how they can best tell their story in a way that will generate a positive return on investment. However, Virgo PR is there to help them figure out the best strategy and advise its clients on which stories can set them apart from the market both now and in the future.

With the number of gaming opportunities that are currently available, and still being released on a daily basis, it’s crucial for clients to be able to truly stand out to achieve success in the first place. And Virgo PR is there to ensure that their clients receive the right type of attention, from the right people and outlets, at the right time, through storytelling that matters and strategies that develop and nurture relationships.

A common misconception that many businesses have is that they work with a PR agency to generate media coverage. However, that’s not what really happens when companies work with Virgo PR. The agency does help its clients to generate media coverage and develop relationships with reporters. However, they also help their clients to understand which stories they should be telling, the way those stories should be told, when, and to which people.

The Secret To Virgo’s Success: Meet Our Team

From public relations campaigns that generate attention and media coverage that is conducted with strategic planning, and integrated social and digital marketing, to event and reputation management. Clients can also receive services such as product integration and report creation, the team of PR professionals at Virgo PR is able to provide clients with results that will generate growth and success in the long term.

The team of PR experts at Virgo PR strives on creating personal relationships between its clients and the right journalists and reporters, and has a proven track record of success with this strategy. By helping their clients learn what really matters in terms of storytelling, and how to create newsworthy stories, as well as helping them fine-tune their stories, clients can receive results that deliver the most impact.

If This Describes You, Contact Us Today For Great PR!

Crafting a good, authentic story and telling that story in a way that sets trends instead of following them is what has allowed the clients at Virgo PR to connect with both audiences and outlets that are appealing across the board.

The companies that understand that the work they’re doing is going to be appealing to many people, such as Genies, are the types of businesses that should be working with Virgo PR. Companies that already have stories that they want to share with the world like Gridwise or TAYLRD, and connect with audiences while generating media coverage, and want to share their opinions on the market or their industry can get a lot of benefits from working with the team of PR experts at Virgo PR.

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