Sustainability Public Relations

Virgo’s team members specialize in emerging technologies, especially those seeking to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time, the human impact on our planet

Clean Tech & Innovation

Virgo specializes in amplifying your clean tech and innovation initiatives, helping you share groundbreaking solutions that drive environmental progress.

Venture Capital

Attract investors and showcase your sustainable ventures with Virgo PR's expertise in VC communication, emphasizing your commitment to positive environmental and social impact.

Electric Propulsion

Propel your electric propulsion innovations to the forefront of sustainable transportation with our PR support, positioning your brand as a leader in the electric vehicle revolution.

Alternative Energy

Highlight your role in advancing alternative energy sources with Virgo PR, connecting you with eco-conscious consumers and industry leaders.

Clean Aviation

In the realm of clean aviation, Virgo PR crafts narratives that promote eco-friendly practices and technologies, building trust and recognition for your brand.


Promote eco-tourism experiences that leave a positive footprint on the planet with our PR agency, enticing travelers to explore sustainable destinations.

Real Estate & Construction

In the construction industry, Virgo PR highlights your sustainable building methods and materials, positioning your projects as beacons of eco-friendly development.


Showcase your commitment to sustainable farming practices with Virgo PR, attracting consumers who value ethical and environmentally conscious food production.

Minerals & Mining

Communicate responsible minerals and mining practices with Virgo PR, fostering transparency and trust within the industry while supporting ethical resource extraction.

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What is Sustainability PR?

Companies and organizations in the sustainability space seeking to enhance their visibility and connect with a broader audience can rely on Virgo PR to craft sustainability PR campaigns that effectively engage the public. Virgo PR employs various strategies, including compelling storytelling, omnichannel promotional efforts, and an emphasis on authenticity, to assist clients in achieving increased exposure and audience engagement.

Virgo’s Expertise in Consumer PR

Contemporary PR strategies in the sustainability sector are centered around empowering target audiences to make more informed decisions that align with environmental and social values. The experienced team at Virgo PR possess the expertise required to help clients attain their desired outcomes, connect with environmentally conscious consumers, and secure media coverage within the sustainability market.

What to Expect with Virgo


Given that Sustainability PR revolves around organizations connecting with their target audience to promote responsible choices, clients can anticipate a customized approach that positions them as leaders in the sustainability industry. Virgo PR’s services aim to cultivate a loyal community of environmentally aware consumers, fostering genuine and meaningful relationships with the audience.

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