Benefits of magazine ads

Advertising in magazines has not gone out of style. The longevity of ads and audience targeting are some of its benefits. A lot of businesses resort to online advertising but advertising in magazines is here to stay. Local magazines have the added advantage of being in touch with the local area. The tactile feeling associated with magazines will not lose its appeal particularly among traditionalists. Where the younger consumers are concerned, their interest in e-magazines and digital editions of magazines continue to grow. The benefits of advertising in magazines are given below.

Design aesthetic

Popular magazines have a design aesthetic that readers can connect with more easily compared to websites. Magazines that are visually pleasing have great covers. An attractive cover design. Simple colors or pops of colors can also be very alluring. Ads in magazines are often in full color , this helps to put a product or service in a better light. As a person spends more time in going through a magazine, it increases the viability of an ad. When readers go through a magazine, they are going through a relaxed time, they look at what interests them and this is a great opportunity for advertisers.

Targets potential customers

Magazines help to target potential customers in a certain demographic. Different types of magazines appeal to different kinds of readers. For instance, women of the age group 20-40 years who are interested in fashion or entertainment prefer to read Vogue. Techies who want to know about the latest happenings in the industry prefer magazines like Wired or Popular Mechanics. For a brand, this is helpful as it can choose the right magazine that is targeted at its audience and use ads strategically.

The power of printed matter

People still want to go through printed matter, including magazines. There is also the worry of fake news circulating online all the time , people  find it easier to trust what they read in print. When information is printed in a reputable magazine, people will tend to trust it more than what they come across in the digital world, this element of underlying trust will be a great opportunity for a brand. Holding a simple magazine is a pleasure that readers cannot get enough of. This should be leveraged by different brands.


Magazines are displayed on coffee tables in homes, libraries, waiting rooms, and more. People often tear out ads for reference later. This means that when a brand invests in an ad in a magazine, it can get benefits for days and months later. Other kinds of media do not offer this kind of ongoing branding. Sometimes magazines are issued monthly or weekly, they have a longer shelf life as they sit in waiting rooms. They are also passed between friends and family and hence ads will be seen by a lot of people and remain in their minds for a longer period of time.

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