Frequently Overlooked Promotional Strategies

Every industry that relies heavily on technology ends up going through big changes every year, and the marketing industry is no different.

In fact, the marketing industry has been changing so quickly as of late, that it’s become a bit difficult for even the top marketers to stay on top of the best promotional practices. 

Paid Social Media Advertising 

Most companies already use paid ads on social media platforms to promote themselves.

Any company that hasn’t joined in on the paid social media advertising trend should be doing so as soon as possible because the way that the algorithms on social media platforms are changing means that businesses aren’t able to generate the best results with their organic reach.

Paid social media advertising is an essential element of a company’s promotional campaign if it wants to gain visibility, whether that’s to maintain or gain momentum with the audience.  

Diversified Opportunities 

Most smaller companies these days don’t have a big budget they can spend on creating promotional campaigns to distribute simultaneously on every available channel. That means companies should be choosing their promotional channels carefully, and select the ones that are most likely to bring them the best results for the investment.

The best way to make a good decision on channels is to research the target audience and identify any audience segments where a business is able to clearly cut through the marketing noise of the niche.

That way, companies can diversify their marketing opportunities the right way, by investing in the right channels. 

Brand Advocates 

Many consumers tend to look to their peers when it comes to product recommendations. That means a company’s past consumers can be turned into a very powerful promotional resource that can help businesses reach new audiences and generate more sales.

To do that, companies should be creating promotional campaigns that incentivize past consumers to spread the company’s message and turn them into brand advocates.

This can mean creating a very engaged online community of past consumers or giving past consumers rewards for any referrals they make. 

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