What is the Product Integration Process?

Driving brand exposure up and improving brand awareness and sales require brands to promote what they produce on publicly consumed media. Companies and brands are shifting their attention towards incorporating brand and product content in entertainment and movies as well as these are the kind of content that users enjoy.

The scripts of movies and TV shows are modified slightly to tell the story of a brand and its products to viewers. This allows brands to interact indirectly with potential customers and get their product stories across to them by promoting the functions and details of products to them.

The shift from traditional media marketing to product integration was made necessary by the predictability of traditional advertising media and the fatigue of consumers towards them. Consumers are particularly tired of ads, and would rather not be bothered by them. Ads don’t get as much attention as they used to because customers can simply tune out of them and the rise of ad blockers hasn’t helped the decline of ads either.

Product integration on the other hand is more beneficial because consumers might not even realize products are being promoted to them, and the return on investment is higher with integrated advertising than conventional ad media.

Product Integration Process

Product integration works because it employs a different approach to product promotion and marketing by infusing these elements into consumer entertainment content. It does have some processes to be ticked for the best results.

●        Decide the Content to Integrate Products with

There has to be a seamless fit between product promotion and the entertainment content that they are incorporated with. A movie about robots integrating a food company won’t do the food company a lot of good. The product to be promoted must be in the same niche as the movie or the movie scene in which it is integrated for the best results.

●        Analyze the Market

Surveying the market terrain for trends, opportunities and what competitors are doing is beneficial to a successful product integration campaign. This sets the tone for the campaign and allows priorities to be set for the duration of the campaign. It also allows tactics to be decided and a prediction of the campaign’s likely return on investment to be arrived at.

●        Survey the Buyers and Develop Value Proposition

Since connecting with and promoting products to buyers is the ultimate aim of integrated marketing, a survey must be conducted to develop an understanding of buyers of a product. Their needs, preferences, as well as personas need to be studied for effective delivery.  The kind of media these buyers consume must also be studied so the method of delivery can be determined. Creating a story that speaks to customers and engages them enough to purchase is a direct benefit of understanding the needs of consumers.

Integrated marketing is a different approach to product promotion and marketing. It requires a combination of traditional marketing with online marketing in a manner that value is proposed to consumers vividly and the branding is smoothly delivered to customers.