The Power of Community Building

Diversity marketing is an essential aspect of modern marketing strategies. This is especially true in a changing society where the everyday consumer is becoming increasingly diverse. To effectively connect with a target market, marketers must acknowledge and embrace the consumption habits of multicultural consumers as well as their language, cultural beliefs, and values. Simply relying on a general market message that fails to consider these differences will not resonate with diverse audiences. Creating a successful multicultural marketing campaign is not an easy task, but there are brands that have excelled in this area. Other companies can learn from their examples, and create strong campaigns that focus on community building around their offers too.

How to build an online community

Successful diversity marketing campaigns are able to go beyond superficial representation. They aim to authentically connect with diverse audiences. They do so by acknowledging their unique experiences, challenging stereotypes, and empowering marginalized communities. By doing so, these brands create a sense of trust, understanding, and identification with their target consumers. When the customers are able to feel those connections from a brand, they’re more likely to develop a sense of community building around the company’s offers. Diversity marketing encompasses various aspects of the consumer such as gender, ethnicity, religion, age, or LGBBTQ+ identification. It recognizes that each subgroup within the target consumer group has distinct needs, preferences, and perspectives. By embracing and addressing these differences, marketers can create more meaningful connections and build long-lasting relationships with their consumer base.


Adobe, a tool that is popular among creators, launched an ad that is directed towards young, up and coming Black creators. The ad highlights the work of twelve Black creators, each responding to the prompt. while music from Gregory Porter’s “Revival” plays in the background. The ad emphasizes the power of Black creativity and the importance of seeing creators who reflect their audience. By celebrating diversity and showcasing different perspectives, Adobe creates a sense of inclusion and representation.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s brand, Fenty Beauty, has become synonymous with authentic inclusive marketing. In 2017, Fenty Beauty launched 40 shades of foundation, expanding to 50 shades since then. This extensive range of foundation colors sends a strong message that women of color deserve diverse options. Fenty Beauty’s commitment to inclusivity has sparked a movement called “The Fenty Effect”. It’s encouraged other brands to challenge the status quo and prioritize diversity and inclusion too.


In 2014, Coca-Cola released a campaign to market to a multicultural audience that showcased the changing face of America. The ad featured actors from diverse cultures and races singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages. The commercial highlighted various locations across the country, emphasizing the diversity of communities. By embracing different languages and cultures, Coca-Cola successfully portrayed inclusivity and celebrated the multicultural fabric of America.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is a company known for its cleaning and toiletry products. The brand goes beyond promoting its offerings with deeply impactful stories that had a message of equality and diversity. One notable campaign that won an Emmy in 2018 was titled “The Talk.” This ad addresses the universal conversation about racism that many African American mothers are forced to engage in with their children. It openly discusses difficult topics. It also aims to initiate a broader conversation about ending the need for such conversations. Procter & Gamble uses its platform to connect with con

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