The Success of PR Packages

In today’s digital landscape, brands constantly face the challenge of cutting through the noise to reach their target audience. Influencers, and social media mavens with dedicated followings, offer a powerful solution.

Partnering with the right influencer can propel a brand into the spotlight, fostering brand awareness, positive sentiment, and ultimately, sales. Capturing the attention of these influential figures often hinges on a carefully curated package: the PR package, also known as an influencer kit or box.

Why PR packages work

PR packages are more than just free products. They serve as a strategic tool for brands to build relationships with influencers and achieve specific marketing goals.

Increased brand awareness

Influencers with engaged followings can introduce a brand and its products to a vast new audience, significantly boosting brand recognition.

Social media buzz

A creative and visually appealing PR package can spark excitement on social media. Influencers sharing photos and videos of the package, particularly the unboxing experience, create a buzz around the brand.

Content creation fuel

PR packages provide influencers with the raw materials needed to create engaging content, such as blog posts, photoshoots with products, or even recipe videos if the brand is in the food industry.

Early access to new products

Influencers often receive PR packages featuring the latest launches before they hit the market. This allows them to stay ahead of the curve and create content around trending products.

Brand partnerships

A positive experience with a PR package can pave the way for future brand partnerships. Influencers who appreciate the thoughtfulness and quality of a package might be more receptive to paid collaborations.

Content inspiration

Receiving a variety of products can spark creative ideas for content.

The anatomy of a stellar PR package

While the core of a PR package is undoubtedly the products themselves, additional elements elevate it from a simple delivery to a memorable experience.

Product selection

Tailor the product selection to the specific influencer. Consider their niche, target audience, and past content. Sending a makeup kit curated for a tech reviewer is unlikely to generate positive results.


First impressions matter. Invest in visually appealing and high-quality packaging that reflects the brand identity. Think custom boxes, branded tissue paper, or even small tote bags.


A handwritten note thanking the influencer for their time and interest goes a long way. Including products relevant to their specific interests or hobbies takes this a step further.

Branding materials

Subtly reinforce brand identity with branded materials within the package. This could include stickers, info cards about the products, or even small branded gifts.

Clear communication

While PR packages are typically for editorial consideration, including a brief note outlining expectations can be helpful. This could be a gentle nudge towards a social media post or a request for product feedback. Remember, influencers are not obligated to promote the products, so keep the tone respectful and collaborative.

Experiential elements

Elevate the unboxing experience by including interactive elements. Think about samples, DIY kits, or even access to exclusive events or online tutorials.

Data-driven decisions

Track the success of PR packages. Monitor social media mentions, and website traffic generated through influencer links, and even track sales conversions potentially influenced by influencer content.

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