Virgo PR Expands Israel PR Division

NEW YORKJuly 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Virgo PR, a leading US-based PR agency announced today the formation of a new practice area within its corporate group that is working with clients in Israel and specialized in Israeli technology companies.

The PR firm has extensive experience working with Israeli companies, including Corsight AI.

“We see Israeli technology companies as innovators, as companies that can benefit from entrepreneurial-minded public relations and digital PR efforts to expand their businesses. We work fast, understand the unique approach of Israeli companies, and plan to expand our Israel reach,” said Mike Paffmann, CEO of Virgo PR.

More case studies of Virgo PRs work can be seen here –

About Virgo PR

Virgo PR offers its clients many services to drive growth, engagement, sales, and increase lead generation and conversions. Our team of professionals in all things PR and marketing can support brands in developing different strategies and campaigns that allow them to better understand their brand and industry and provide various services that drive knowledge through our expertise. We’re able to execute worldwide integrated campaigns for our client’s brands by playing on the strengths and constraints of any niche.


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