Customer Focused Email Strategy

Customer focus entails putting the needs of the customer first. Sending the right kind of emails at the right time will lead to more benefits.

To elevate email marketing from ordinary to excellent, they should be crafted in a way that not only provides solutions to customers’ problems but also makes them feel valued.

Sending emails that are irrelevant to subscribers can alienate them.

If the messages that are sent do not offer any value to the recipients, any strategy or tactic used to craft the email will be of little use.

Given below are ways to adopt to make emails seem more customer focused.


Relevance is not restricted to adding a first name to personalize emails. That should be done anyway. Whatever is known about subscribers should be used to personalize mails.

That information should also help to decide the right time to send emails. A relevant email is one that has something of value for the subscriber.

The email can have a discount or some advice for the user.

Emails can also mention certain products that subscribers have previously considered. This results in immediate purchases by 60% of respondents.

According to a survey, if the subject line is personalized, it leads to a 9% increase in immediate purchases and 8% increase in deferred purchases.

The value proposition and the content are also very important. Without a clear purpose, the message of an email will be seen as irrelevant by the recipient.

Being relevant is about unique offers and doing everything that can be done to know what interests each recipient and drives them to make a purchase.

Focus on Delivery

Delivery affects brand loyalty.

If subscribers sign up for an email program, expecting coupons, case studies, or announcements of special events, but end up getting something else they may report the mails as spam.

Future emails may be blocked by recipients.

Great Content

For effective emails, there is no perfect length.

There should be a balance between being concise and also providing the necessary information. Sometimes a longer email is necessary for some explanation.

It should also be kept in mind that many businesses are competing for the attention of the audience in their inbox full of mails.

There should not be any grammatical errors, as subscribers should not be distracted by typos or clumsy sentence structure.

This might stop them from reading the entire email and taking necessary action.

Inspire Readers

Readers should be inspired to take action on the emails that they receive. They should be given something extra as that is an effective way to gain trust.

For this, a mail should include a clear CTA or call to action.

A business can create a Pinterest page to provide visual inspiration for customers.

The goal of an email may be to get customers to click on a link or sign up for some event.

Being clear about the goal ensures that the key action is being presented to the subscribers, the key action that they are expected to take. 

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