Developing Long-Term Relationships With Customers

Most consumers have not been very trusting of brands and their promotional efforts as of late, which means companies need to go out of their way to make human to human connections with them.

Another challenge that many companies have faced lately is finding the time to network with their target audiences while expectations are changing, as well as the ongoing pandemic, and the rising inflation.

There are several different strategies that companies can use to develop more long-term relationships with their target audiences, even now, when it seems overwhelming to achieve.

As long as companies have set clear goals and strategies in place, they can build new connections that are going to be developed into long-term relationships.


When it comes to figuring out new opportunities to make connections, companies should start turning to the places that haven’t been discovered yet.

There’s no need for companies to get to the moon to figure out new places where they can connect with their target audiences.

These opportunities can be found in a mixture of both the digital, as well as real world locations, such as TikTok, Discord, Snapchat, and Reddit, as well as volunteering events, interviews, conferences, and local business events.

Each one of these examples provides companies with plenty of opportunities to make new connections to the target audiences, and every one of them has its own new one on how companies should be reaching out to the audience to make those connections.

However, certain elements are universal for every opportunity and companies can use them whenever they’re trying to make new connections.

Those universal elements include making the request to connect personally by using background research on the potential customer.

Companies should also find any mutual connections to the existing customers, and follow up any new in-person connections with a digital message of gratitude.

The best way to make these new connections last long term is to get their advice on how the company can make use of the new channels in the best way.

New Strategies

In certain ways, companies that are looking to expand on the existing connections can give them a great opportunity to develop long-lasting business relationships.

This is because the people that the company is already familiar with and share a history with that business, which means they’re a lot more likely to be open to higher levels of engagement with the business.

Some of the ways that companies can further engage their existing connections are by asking them about their biggest pain points or challenges and providing them with potential solutions.

Companies can also connect with their existing audiences on new platforms digitally, or take those digital connections to in-person events.

Many companies already have a lot of existing connections with their audiences, and the best way to take those relationships to a new level is to expand their interactions and engagements in a creative fashion.

This can be by posting podcasts or webinars, conducting mutual interviews with the existing connections, or even making future plans about in-person meetings at various events.

Mike Paffmann is the CEO of Virgo PR. He has previously worked as a Vice President at Clarity PR, 5WPR, and Highwire PR.

Virgo PR is a full-service digital marketing and digital PR agency that caters to clients in all industries. Paffmann has over a decade of experience in the public relations industry and has provided diverse media relations programs for brands and corporations across enterprise, software, eCommerce, technology, and consumer apps of all sizes. He has worked with clients including IBM, Genies, Glint, Rebel Ventures, AppAnnie, Owl Labs, car2go, Vkanesee, and more.

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