Facebook and Email Marketing

There are a few different ways that companies can integrate their marketing use of social media platforms, and more specifically Facebook, with their email marketing. It can be integrated strategically so that companies save time and operate more efficiently while connecting with consumers consistently. This will allow companies to reach out to thousands of potential consumers through relevant targeting while still developing stronger relationships with them.

Advertising campaigns

One of the ways that companies can integrate their use of Facebook is by creating ads that are going to convert the leads into actual website visitors. There are many different targeting opportunities that companies can get from advertising on Facebook, while also experimenting with all the different tools and features that the platform has introduced. All that a company will need to do is create an advertising campaign with the goal of generating more website visitors and input the company’s business website in the right field. Then, the company can experiment with different types of ad formats to figure out which one is going to generate the best possible results, such as carousel ads, or video ads. However, according to research, even a single image with a call to action is quite effective at getting people to visit a company’s website from a Facebook ad. In terms of the copy for the ad, it should be interesting to the audience, because people on the platform are there to be entertained and build relationships with others, including businesses. That means companies should avoid pushing sales with these types of ads if the main goal is to generate more website visitors. Finally, with the help of a call to action, the audience will know exactly what the company is expecting them to do once they come across the ad, and the hyper-specific targeting features will help the company distribute the ad to the people that are going to be most likely to follow through with that call to action too. From there, the company can ask the website visitors to subscribe to the company’s email newsletter and further nurture the leads so that they convert into consumers and build a stronger long-term relationship with them.


Another great way that companies can integrate Facebook marketing is by creating high-quality content that’s going to engage the target audience on the platform. Most companies tend to create a lot of high-quality content for their email newsletters specifically so that they’ll be able to nurture their relationships with the subscribers and turn them into loyal customers. However, companies can also show their followers on Facebook some snippets of the content that they are creating for their newsletters, and motivate them to subscribe too. As long as the company is able to grab the attention of its Facebook audience the right way, it can increase the number of people that subscribe to its email newsletter too.

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