Content Marketing and Backlinks for SEO

There are many different ways that companies can utilize content marketing and search engine optimization efforts to generate high-quality backlinks. However, before any company starts implementing various strategies to generate backlinks, it’s important to understand what it takes.


One of the reasons why this type of content marketing strategy works so well, in terms of generating backlinks for companies, is the fact that there’s already a demand in the market for the type of content that the company is starting to create or on the topics that the company covers. This is relatively easy to identify by conducting some simple research and looking for other examples of content that have performed relatively well in the past on the same or similar topics. Once the company figures out that there are other pieces of content that have performed well on those topics, it’s important to take into consideration the reasons why those pieces of content perform so well, which can be either because they were high-quality and especially enjoyable for people to read, or because they provided a specific solution to a pain point for the audience.


Another reason why this type of content marketing strategy works so well in generating backlinks is that the target audience of a company is already prepared to listen to what the company has to say about various topics. The company also has an opportunity to truly excite its existing target audience with a piece of content, especially if it’s able to create something that’s even better than the original content that covered the same subject. If the topic of the content is going to be trendy or current, it’s best for the company to create a list of bloggers, outlets, or even magazines that have previously shared the original resource that the company has found, so that the company can immediately reach out to them, and provide them the new and updated piece of content.


The odds are that the piece of content that the company has used as a resource to figure out if there are other relevant, but not in-depth pieces of content, regarding the same subject was discovered on a search engine such as Google. That means, this resource has already been properly indexed by Google, and even other search engines at the same time. This is a very unique opportunity that companies can take advantage of, because they get the chance to outrank the other piece of content by generating a lot more website traffic to the new piece of content from the company, as long as that new piece of content is a lot better than the original piece. This is especially true if the company is able to acquire a higher number of high-quality backlinks than the older piece of content managed to generate or reach out to the outlets and platforms that published that piece of content, and offer the company’s article instead.

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