How Companies Can Get More Backlinks

Backlinks have been and continue to be one of the primary ranking factors for search engine results pages, and it seems they will continue to be that way for a long time. However, it seems that this ranking factor has spurred numerous discussions regarding how companies can increase their ranking through backlinks, through both natural and unnatural strategies. The main strategy that most companies tend to utilize to generate more backlinks and increase they’re ranking on search engine results pages is through guest posting. According to the guidelines from search engines, such as Google, all links that are generated by companies need to be earned, as well as editorially placed, which should be the main goal for any link-building campaign. However, for a company to generate these types of editorial backlinks, it needs to create assets that others will be able and willing to link to, such as high-quality content that others will also find valuable. A great way for companies to create this type of content and generate high-quality backlinks is through creating high-quality content in the first place.


One of the best strategies that companies can use to generate high-quality backlinks is by turning their content into a backlink generator. To do this, the company has to start by looking at current trending topics and high-quality examples of content that have been recently published in the subject areas that the company typically tends to cover as well. Then, the company will have to research new or unique ways to create content that will be able to convey the same messages as the recently published content, however, in a different way, such as different formats, or mediums, improved designs, or simply through updated data. Then, the company should reach out to the people that have already provided backlinks to that similar content whenever the company publishes a new and improved piece of content, to get that content on their radar, and potentially secure a backlink. However, the most important step that every company needs to take throughout this strategy is to make sure the content company creates is going to be better than whatever is already published online.

Standing out

This type of search engine optimization and backlink strategy means that the main goal a company should have whenever it creates any sort of content is to make sure that its content is the best possible online about that specific topic. At the end of the day, this all comes down to making sure that the most important information is conveyed in a single piece of content that anyone would find valuable, which will automatically make the content from the company stand out. A great way for companies to get this type of competitive advantage is through competitor insights to find out what their competitors are creating content about, and where they are generating backlinks from. This way, the company will generate a lot more success through its content marketing and search engine optimization efforts, generate high-quality and authoritative backlinks, and even promote itself, and its content to the right people, and at the right time.

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