How to maintain well-rounded digital marketing efforts

There is more to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy than catchy headlines. Digital marketing now combines a variety of tools and activities. Marketers also have to continually assess whether their initiatives are worth the investment. A well-rounded digital marketing plan keeps the approach fresh and relevant to customers and stands out from competitors. Given below are elements that help to make a digital marketing strategy a well-rounded one.

Content marketing

It has been proved that content marketing can lead to resounding success. It can attract customers, build loyalty, and establish a brand as a thought leader. It is important that the goals of content marketing are aligned with the needs of the target audience. The content that a brand shares with its audience leads to data and insights and this helps a brand to refine its content marketing strategies. Customer journeys are not linear and content marketing can help a brand to adapt to customer journeys. Whether it is a video or a blog, each content type has to be consistent with the personality of a brand as consistency is important when a brand is trying to build a digital presence.

Do research on the target customer

A target customer is the person who would want the product or service of a brand. To find a target customer, research is essential, as that would ensure returns. A brand should know where its customers are online. The target customers may be niche or broader. For instance, if a brand sells bags, the audience could be of any age or gender. If a  brand sells travel bags, then its audience would be more niche. It is also important to know which social media platform the target customer prefers. The messaging of the brand should be such that it resonates with the target audience.

Automate the marketing processes

For better ROI, a brand should focus on automating its marketing processes. In digital marketing, automation would include the use of software and other tools so that different marketing tasks can be streamlined and managed. For instance, audience segmentation can be automated based on different characteristics so that the right data can be delivered to the right audience. For instance, the Oracle Eloqua Marketing automation tool allows lead management, segmentation, data activation, and campaign management among other things.

Paid media advertising

Paid media advertising is advertising put on any external platform for which a brand pays. This strategy normally has a wider reach compared to other strategies and is easy to track and adapt. The investment is well worth it and can include print ads, radio and TV commercials, social media advertising, and paid search marketing. This strategy helps to expand the reach of a campaign and get new customers. A brand ends up with better comprehension of the needs of its audience and there is a higher engagement rate. When images, videos, and infographics are used to demonstrate the advantage of a brand over its competition, the content it uses becomes more inviting for the target audience to engage with.

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