Strategies for Naming Products

Naming products might seem quite simple, but it’s actually one of the more difficult things that companies have to do because they have to figure out a name that’s going to connect with the target audience, inform them about what the product can do for them, and not be too complicated that they end up forgetting about it altogether. There are a few different strategies that companies can use to make sure that they choose the right name for their latest products or services.


The first strategy that companies can use when they are looking for a new product name is to figure out the category that the new product falls under because that’s going to be a term that potential customers are using when they are trying to find similar solutions. That’s why it’s important for companies to include a list of all the category names in the product name whenever that’s possible. Additionally, the name of the product tends to be added in the anchor text for various content online, which means if the company includes the category in the product name itself, it can generate more high-quality website visitors, which can improve the company’s search engine optimization efforts.

Avoid Ambiguity

Choosing a random word might be fun when naming a solution, however, if the name of the solution ends up being bound by the association that people end up having from hearing that word, or if that word falls under a different category,  that means the company hasn’t chosen a good name for a new solution and has also managed to decrease its search engine optimization efforts at the same time. Any ambiguous word that is open to different types of interpretations for different types of people, or names that elicit a potentially negative emotion or association, are going to be a negative choice in terms of a product name. That means it’s important for companies to not choose their product names randomly, and to keep them as direct and specific to the categories of the fall under as possible to make sure that they won’t elicit a negative response from potential customers, as well as not to tank their search engine optimization efforts.

Search engines

If a company is having any sort of trouble trying to find keywords that are relevant to its brand new solution, its category, or even its industry, there are plenty of useful keyword generation tools that it can use to figure out the perfect name for the brand new solution. A lot of these tools are quite easy to use and provide companies with a lot of information about each cure that they come across, also rely on search intent, while naming their solution at the same time.

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