What is Product Integration?

People enjoy content differently now than they did before and this is why promotion and advertising models have changed as well. Product integration is not a new concept though its adoption has expanded a lot recently due to the change of content consumption by customers. This changing landscape is what has compelled product owners and companies to revise marketing strategy.

There is an increased emphasis by brands to create content that reaches potential customers smoothly and without interruption like the television ads and jingles of old. Product integration helps organizations reach customers and audiences by becoming part of the entertainment they consume. It is an ever-evolving landscape, necessitating brands to evolve in the face of a constantly changing technology landscape and media adoption.

Product integration is also known as brand integration and it is the process of including elements of a brand and its products into a movie’s story, streaming services and other forms of content that consumers enjoy. It has been around for decades and is known to be quite effective as it isn’t as in-your-face as other forms of marketing.  Customers can relate with product integration better as it involves a weaved brand content in a genuine story or fiction, making it more compelling and real.

Product integration allows a brand to showcase things like product features, functions and unique selling point. These features are combined in the script of entertainment content that potential customers consume. There has to be a convincing and original story and it has to be told naturally so consumers don’t feel like they are being marketed to.

Benefits of Product Integration

Product integration has been around for a long time, since the first television shows were aired. Back then, the approach taken with this marketing technique was more direct and obvious to all because brands were often glaringly linked to TV content and shows.  This direct approach culminated in the creation of commercials for product marketing.

Today, product marketers and brand decision makers have found new channels and strategies of promoting their products to users. The difference today is that the content that product integration occurs with is more original and just as entertaining.  Modern product integration provides a lot of benefits for brands and their products:

●        Improved Brand Engagement: Product integration does wonders for brands as it improves engagement and brand awareness when done right. Well executed campaigns are helpful for letting people know about a brand’s products and mission.

●        It improves product sales: Videos are easy-to-consume media and brands that appear in consumers’ favorite videos are quietly etched in the memories of potential customers with the result being improved sales for brand products.

●         It is more effective than traditional media: People don’t enjoy advertisements and jingles that are shoved in their faces and obstruct them from enjoying their favorite content. This resentment keeps them from buying into the idea that brands are looking to pass across. That’s not the case with product integration as it takes a more subtle approach.