Product Integration

Product Integration Solution

One of the simplest ways that public relations campaigns can grab the audience’s attention in a way that brands can instantly notice is through product placement. The simple act of putting a product in the hands of a particular publication that can give it some excellent exposure is one of the most effective and immediate ways that brands can reach their marketing goals.

While most of the other public relations services and strategies involve detailed planning and bringing together PR and marketing campaigns across all marketing channels, product integration, also known as product placement, is on the opposite end of that detailed and elaborate spectrum. It is an old-school strategy that has proven to be effective time and time again, both in terms of return on investment as well as coverage.

With millions of people following and digesting what’s happening on social media platforms, on TV, the news, and on the marketing billboards and posters around them, the mainstream media is a great way to stand out from the crowd and the competitors. These days, journalists are busier than ever. Most of the time, every brand in existence is fighting to get coverage in media outlets, which makes it difficult for everyone to get any coverage.

Usually, seeing a product or a service appear on a film or in a TV show, or on a celebrity’s social media profile, or even in a printed article, the company has worked hard to get to that point. This is where brands working with Virgo PR have a great advantage over their industry competitors. The agency has relationships with these industries and industry people, which allow for the client’s products or services to gain an advantage in their marketing campaigns and break through the clutter and crowd in a subtle, yet noticeable way.

Whenever consumers see a particular product on TV or in a magazine, that image directly influences their opinion of the product and the brand behind the product. Creating further interest around the product becomes even easier when seen in interesting scenes, locations, or pages, leading to an increase in sales for the brand.

No matter who the consumer may be, with the right product placement, the brand is going to be able to connect with them, no matter where they are. With the digital age that we’re living in, product placement has become more important than ever to brands and corporations, as it guarantees with certainty that the product is going to reach the target audience and form a strong and positive relationship with that audience.

Product integration also tends to come at a much smaller cost than traditional marketing and advertising efforts. It has the added benefit of giving the brand additional leverage and credibility when the company then contacts media outlets, reporters, and journalists for additional PR.

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