Why is Public Relations Important?

For a brand to enjoy desired and effective publicity for its products, its public relations strategy and approach has to be effective as well.  Public relations is no longer as simple as releasing information about an organization to stakeholders through established channels and media.  It has gone beyond simply spending billions on drawing the attention of relevant parties to a brand’s products and services through radio and TV broadcast, and advertisements.

It is more pertinent to draw the right attention and exposure in order to slowly build up trust in the hearts of members of the public and customers alike. This is more difficult to do than conventional publicity, and achieving it is vital to the success of organizations regardless of size.

People are constantly communicating physically and virtually; tweeting, chatting, posting and interacting. Brands as well must do the same by interacting with stakeholders on established media channels and social media as well to stay on top of trends and create desired perception in public. Good PR demands a lot of preparation, planning and smooth execution. The reward of getting this mix right is often immense.

Organizations with good PR are among other things more relevant in the eye of the public, are more recognizable to customers and enjoy more brand recognition and loyalty. Brand image and goodwill are underrated yet important determinants of organizational success. These two elements are targeted by good PR as there is an emphasis on creating a positive brand image and ensuring there is a favorable perception of a brand and its products.

Trust and Credibility are built by PR

One of the benefits of public relations is that by releasing targeted information to stakeholders, a brand is able to effectively build trust and credibility in the minds of customers. By constantly engaging them and providing information about the company’s product, a brand remains relevant in the minds of customers, and customers tend to trust these brands more.

Brand Reputation is managed

The reputation of a brand is an intangible asset as well but it can be managed with effective PR.  In good times or trying times for companies, PR provides an avenue of managing organizational reputation. Cases of recalls or product malfunctions particularly require good PR and that is why big brands ensure they communicate with customers when this happens.

PR Improves Awareness and Strengthens Relations

With Public relations an organization is positioned to strengthen its relations with customers through effective communication and engagement. PR is also an effective tool for creating awareness for a brand and its products through the channels that consumers interact with. Things like new product launches or revised editions of products need to be communicated to customers and PR is an effective tool of doing just that.

Not all PR activities are directed at external parties though. Some of it is done for employees and internal stakeholders to manage their perceptions. This improves the morale of staff and also has the effect of motivating them by keeping everyone involved in what the company is doing.