One of the core promotional strategies that companies can always rely on, is search engine optimization because high-ranking on search engine results pages tends to directly contribute to the overall performance of a business. Another reason why search engine optimization is so popular is the fact that it’s completely free most of the time, compared to other types of promotional strategies, that require time, money, and effort at the same time. Fortunately, startups that are on tighter budgets that want to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of their target audiences can invest in the right search engine optimization strategies and increase their ranking on search engine results pages.

Return on investment

One of the main reasons why startups should be investing in search engine optimization strategies is the fact that it requires a smaller investment, but generates a higher return on investment for every company. Start ups will have to focus on both off page and on page search engine optimization strategies to make sure that they have a comprehensive search engine optimization effort. This way, their website will be a lot more visible in search engine results pages, which means the company will get noticed by more people and get the attention of both new and current customers that are looking for solutions to their pain points.


The way that search engine optimization functions is by publishing a website online, which is then crawled by bots from the search engines to gather data and index each page on that website. Then, the websites are all ranked, according to an algorithm that examines the websites according to hundreds and even thousands of criteria for ranking. Companies have to invest in search engine optimization to make sure that their website fits the criteria from these search engines that will index their websites and rank them higher on search engine results pages. For example, some of the most important aspects of optimization are page loading speed, high-quality content, and targeted keywords. In the past, companies could rely on shortcuts for their search engine optimization, back in the day, when the algorithms of the search engines were a lot simpler, to make sure that they end up with a higher position in the results pages. However, with each new update to the algorithms, the criteria for ranking is more and more strict, which means that companies can no longer rely on any sort of shortcuts to improve the ranking. That’s why it’s important for companies to invest in the best search engine optimization strategies that will make sure that the website of the company provides users of the search engine with high-quality content, targeted keywords, and generates back links from authoritative platforms, and more, to signal to search engines that the website should rank higher.

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