The Importance of Customer Feedback for Companies

Most companies understand how important it is to get positive reviews for customers, but not every business realizes that aside from generating more business, positive customer reviews also contribute to the company’s website ranking on search engine results pages. Before any customer decides to make a purchasing decision, they tend to look through reviews online, and they do so on various platforms. That means customer reviews have a direct impact on the amount of business a company generates from its customers since the reviews persuade other potential customers to make their own purchases with a business.


Customer reviews tend to increase the credibility of a business with no additional cost to the business itself. However, aside from improving credibility, they also motivate and persuade other people to make purchases with the company, and can be used to improve search engine optimization efforts, as well as improve a company’s reputation. Another reason why customer reviews are so important for businesses is the fact that they tend to be directly linked to that business, and anyone that looks up the company on search engines can quickly see those reviews. It’s also important for companies to know how their customers feel about the business, and take the time to respond to both positive and negative customer reviews. One of the best customer review platforms these days is actually Google, because it’s the most used search engine on the planet.

This means all of the reviews that consumers leave on Google are going to immediately show up to potential customers looking up the business in the search results. However, that only happens if the company has claimed its My Google Business listing. Companies that encourage their customers to leave reviews on Google can end up increasing their credibility and website ranking without investing too much money or effort. Despite the fact that many customers use a few different platforms to leave feedback for the companies they do business with and their solutions, such as Yelp, or even social media platforms, it’s best for companies to focus most of their efforts on getting customers to leave reviews on Google or even the company’s own website. This way, they’ll benefit from the reviews in terms of boosted credibility, website traffic, and SEO efforts.


Customer reviews, and more specifically, the reviews that companies leave on the company’s business website and Google can help companies in a few different ways, including improving search engine optimization efforts, generating more trust with potential customers, and getting a better understanding of customer sentiment and the way they feel about the business. Businesses that aren’t focused on motivating their customers to start leaving reviews are missing out on all the benefits that they can get without investing too much time and effort to get those advantages.

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