The trend of brands investing in magazines

In spite of the fact that this age is considered to be a digital age, people often want to unplug with a book or magazine. Digital consumption may be on the rise, but customers do enjoy tangible products. With magazines, customers feel that they are connecting to the content that they want.  In the noisy digital media landscape, magazines can stand apart in stoic silence. While magazines may not be right for every brand, there are some brands that produce their own magazines which are known as brand magazines.

A brand magazine is not a catalog

A personally branded magazine is a great marketing tactic. IT is seen as a great marketing strategy and is used by mortgage brokers, financial advisors, real estate agents, and other businesses that offer services. Where typical direct mail marketing is concerned, it may not make a lasting impression on customers. The mails may be unopened and unread. A personally branded magazine is different from direct mail. It looks different from it and is not seen as a mass-marketing effort. A branded magazine is normally heavier and more colorful than direct mail and has attractive covers. People will take the time to peruse its pages. A magazine printed on glossy papers resembles a luxury item. For instance, the Bentley magazine, which was launched by Bentley Motors. The magazine featured stories on technology and also featured articles on new cars and other motor accessories. The magazine was like a collectible item which offered value to its readers. Direct mail is often labeled as junk as it holds no value for the recipient. The magazine ‘Porter’ was as esteemed as Vogue as it included fashion journalism and superior photo shoots. The magazine Rhapsody was launched by United Airlines for its first-class travelers and featured interviews of celebrities and the works of famous authors such as Karen Russel and Anthony Doerr. The magazine was big on content and customers felt like they were getting an exclusive treat.


Customers love gifts and a branded magazine is like a personal gift. Branded magazines appeal to a narrow demographic. The cover of a personal magazine should not be drab and should be representative of its content to attract customers. As personal branding forms a large part of a personally branded magazine, it helps the customers to keep the brand on top of their minds. As such magazines showcase products and services, it helps indecisive customers to reach a decision. For instance, a person who wants to buy a coat will find an article in favor of buying the coat and that would help them to make a decision.

Customer loyalty is the result

When a brand chooses to invest in print, it also chooses to invest in readers, and this often results in customer loyalty. A branded magazine is also a great way to develop a follow-up system That helps a brand to keep in touch with its customers. A customer can be asked if they have received a magazine and from there a conversation might begin. They can also be assured that the brand sending them the magazine is available for them at all times.

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