Every Company Needs to Know These Promotional Tactics

Companies are always looking for new or innovative ways to promote themselves and reach their target audience, however, plenty of businesses have decided they need to overlook some of the old effective strategies, in favor of new ones. Here, we explore a few old, but continually effective, tactics that should remain a staple in your promotional efforts.

Guest blogging

This is a relatively simple idea that can help companies promote themselves and reach bigger audiences, and the core of it is creating and publishing content on bigger platforms and websites to gain more authority and exposure in the market. After all, guest blogging is both a public relations and content marketing strategy that’s been effective for many years. Adding to that is the fact that many platforms are always looking for new content which means a piece that’s well-crafted is enough to get a company to open the doors and start guest posting on a regular basis. There are a few other benefits companies can get through guest blogging, including reaching a bigger audience than the company already has, as well as generating visibility with potential customers and other industry leaders. Another benefit the companies can get is increasing their credibility and, depending on the type of platform that the company is guest posting on, it might even be able to generate backlinks or additional website traffic. Most of the time, guest bloggers and contributors get a byline and a summary snippet, as well as a link to the company’s website when contributing content to another platform.

Brand advocates

Brand advocates and ambassador programs operate in a similar way to influencer marketing campaigns, which practically ensures both social media coverage and public relations results nonstop for a company. When companies invest in these types of promotional efforts, they tend to vet and analyze the ambassadors that they choose to work with before deciding to work with a single person. In return, the brand ambassador receives various perks, such as a commission or free products, while promoting the company and its solutions across various platforms. Brand ambassadors can help companies promote themselves through word-of-mouth marketing, as long as the company has a great solution for its consumers.


A great way for a company to keep track of all the conversations that are happening about it and its solutions is by creating branded hashtags that other people will be using when talking about the business. When used correctly, these types of hashtags tend to be easy to remember for the target audience, which means they’re also catchy. There are a few different ways that companies can use hashtags in their promotional efforts, including when the company is creating a fundraising campaign for a worthwhile cause, so whenever someone donates to the cause, they can use the dedicated hashtags for that campaign. Another great way for companies to take advantage of this strategy is to develop a better sense of belonging with the target audience or even to highlight the milestones, or accomplishments of the business in its industry, or its market. 

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