Top Tips to Improve SEO for Businesses

Every business these days is looking to generate more organic website traffic and increase its ranking on search engine results pages. The best, and really, the only way for companies to do that is by investing in the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, such as conducting the right type of research and maintaining a blog.


According to research, over 90% of consumers end up completely ignoring the ads that they come across on a daily basis, which means companies that want to be able to reach their target audiences through their advertising or marketing campaigns and digital spaces need to be more mindful of the keywords they are targeting than ever. For a company to be able to get its website on search engine results pages for specific keywords that can generate high-quality leads, companies can rely on a couple of different very effective strategies. The first one is to focus on long-tail keywords that don’t have a lot of competition around them. For example, a company in the wedding industry shouldn’t be looking to target potential customers by ranking for the keyword “wedding dress”, instead, should focus on long-tail and low-competition keywords that are still going to be relevant to the target audience, such as “wedding dresses near me”, or specific types of wedding dresses in a specific location. Although many companies tend to rely on the Keyword Planner from Google, this is a tool that tends to hide a lot of the keywords that don’t have many competitors for them to motivate companies to increase their advertising budgets. Fortunately, there are a number of different tools and platforms that companies can still use to have an easier time finding keywords that will generate a high return on investment as well as high-quality leads, that don’t have a lot of competitors utilizing the same keywords, which they are not able to do with Google’s keyword planner.


One of the best ways for companies to generate targeted website traffic is by creating a blog that the company will regularly update. In fact, companies that regularly utilize blog posts tend to generate nearly 70% more leads compared to the companies that don’t rely on this strategy. However, to make the strategy as effective as possible, companies have to execute it the right way. To successfully blog, companies first need to figure out the niche that they will be targeting with the content that they will be creating and sharing on the blog. This is one of the hardest, but essential elements when it comes to blogging in order to improve search engine optimization efforts. Other things that companies need to keep in mind when creating a company blog include creating a promotional strategy before starting to create the content for the blog and focusing on the quality of the content instead of the quantity. That means companies need to invest time and effort into creating evergreen content that’s going to look well by including visual assets in the content as well, as this type of content tends to increase the impact it has on the target audience over a longer period of time.

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