Using sports podcasts for marketing

The field of sports podcasts is growing with all kinds of people associated with sports launching podcasts. A sports podcast can be hosted by an entire team or an individual athlete. Sports podcasts are an extremely popular podcast genre. The reason behind this is that sports podcasts reach an active and enthusiastic audience. Such a communication platform has a huge business potential particularly in terms of marketing. When ads are delivered on podcasts, listeners are more concentrated in them because of the format in which they are delivered.

The devotion of fans

Sports podcasts can increase fan engagement by leveraging their preferences. Most popular sports podcasts have sections devoted to fans where they give their take on games. They have questions for hosts to answer. There are indie podcasts that are hosted by fans. For instance, the podcast Men in Blazers is extremely popular among soccer fans. The podcast is humorous and previews each weekend’s premier league games.

Being consistent

The subject chosen for a sports podcast should be one about which the host is passionate. To stand above the noise, it is better to focus on a narrow segment. One thing that has to be kept in mind while making a sports podcast is that it deals with something timely. The focus should be on not being too newsworthy as that would not work long-term. A podcast should also think about in-season and off-season. When the football season is over, fans often want more information. If a podcast cannot engage fans during the off-season, it will be more difficult to engage the fans during in-season. Brands can also leverage this for revenue. The most important thing is to make a sports podcast timeless. That will also make a brand stand out. A timeless podcast works well for the fans because fans would know which podcast shows up irrespective of the season. A brand would definitely gain if it is associated with a podcast that does not fade away with time.

Social media is important

Social media platforms act as effective tools to build a podcast audience. For listeners to engage with a podcast, they have to find the podcast. This becomes easy if podcasts have a social media presence. For instance, a Tweet announcing a new episode can reach more listeners. There are many people on Twitter who enjoy the same kind of sports. By taking part in conversations about sports , a podcast creator might be known to have a unique opinion. This might lead to a bigger following and hence more publicity for the podcast. The posts on social media platforms should be relevant and carry simple descriptions. The posts should also contain links so that people can easily subscribe to the podcasts. Finding a niche is also important. For instance, Upfront is a podcast that focuses on women’s soccer, and discusses a wide variety of topics from misconduct to managerial casualties. Such niches within the platform of sports podcasts also help to act as revenue streams for brands.

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