AI and Content Marketing

AI will change the way marketing copy is made, it will also change how brands communicate with customers.

For instance,  Jarvis is a marketing company owned by Dave Rogenmoser.

The company uses a software GPT-3 which creates emails and content for its customers.

GPT – 3 is an AI language model which uses data to create text. It was made by OpenAI , a research lab , one of whose founders is Elon Musk.

Like this software, there are other AI tools that can help marketers do their jobs more efficiently.


This software was launched in June 2020. It was trained on billions of words from books and the internet. It uses prompts.

A user can start with a few sentences, for instance, they might use the sentence for a sales pitch.

Then can then define some parameters which would be used as inputs, for instance, how long should GPT – 3 continue.

With that input, the software will complete the text, and will utilize deep-learning to produce human-like text. This software can also summarize text and answer trivia questions.

Different businesses have used the software to help in product development and create dialogue for gaming characters.

The software had 20,000 clients within the first six months of its use and is changing the way content is being written.

Given below are the benefits of using AI for content marketing.

Creates Targeted Content

Content marketers aim to offer personalized content to their audience. Personalized content helps to influence customers in a positive way about a brand. Using AI tools help to create personalized content more quickly.

Copysmith, Jasper and Article Forge are popular tools some of which can even translate content into several languages.

For instance, Personyze, is an AI tool that helps to deliver to each customer a personalized omnichannel experience.

Finds Interesting Topics

AI can perform research to see whether a topic is trending or worthy of being written about.

AI tools can help to understand the latest news and pay  close attention to what people want to read about when they search online.

The algorithms of AI tools have become smarter in predicting what users want.

This helps to create content that emphasizes user intent. It is often a challenge to produce interesting content for business blogs, AI tools can help identify topics and offer suggestions.

Predict Customer Behavior

AI tools can use data from social media platforms, sales reviews, and past sales to predict what content will be of interest to customers.

If predicting customer behavior becomes easier, it will open up new opportunities to create curated content.

This will also help to craft information that can personalize the journey of a customer.

Better User Experience

If customers get the message that they are being treated as individuals, they would start enjoying their interactions with a brand.

This would also result in repeat customers and advocates for a brand.

For instance, Marketo by Adobe uses data such as user profiles, and patterns of behavior to understand which type of content works best for target customers.

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