Reaching Consumers Online Through Content

Although investing in search engine optimization is important, it’s also essential for companies to remember that SEO tends to be a long-term strategy that can take a few weeks, or even months to generate positive results.

Search engine advertising

Companies that are able to, can invest in search engine advertising like Google Ads to generate more visibility at a faster rate. The ads on search engines like Google appear at the top of all the search engine results, and with Google being the most popular search engine with most people, companies get to generate a lot of website traffic when they do invest in advertising on the platform.

Additionally, many businesses also see positive results with Google Ads because of the various ad creating options that Google provides companies, along with the flexibility options and the incredibly precise analytics regarding ad performance.

Although it takes a bit of time for anyone to master Google Ads, with the help of a well-optimized advertising campaign, those efforts are worth it for the results. Some of the most popular ways that companies advertise themselves and their solutions on the search engines are through the custom banner ads from the Google Display Network, as well as text ads on the Google Search Network.


Creating and regularly updating a company blog is a great way for companies to improve their search engine optimization efforts, however, blogging gives companies even more benefits than just SEO.

With a successful blog that focuses on the company, its solutions, and other valuable information for the target audience, companies will be able to better target keywords that users on search engines prefer, which increases the odds of the company appearing on search engine results pages in the first place.

There are plenty of different options that companies have in terms of creating content that’s going to be valuable to the target audience such as resources, instructional posts, guides, tutorials, testimonials, interviews with industry experts, and more.

Email marketing

Although email marketing has been around for a few decades now, it’s just as effective today as it was in the beginning. In fact, according to research, nearly 70% of consumers prefer to communicate with companies via email compared to other communications channels that companies are able to use.

After all, most people tend to check their email at least once per day if not more, and they enjoy being kept up to date with what companies provide them.

They’re also a great way for companies to generate valuable first-party data and establish a direct line of communication with the target audience without having to rely on the various algorithms that social media platforms and search engines use and constantly change or update.

To create better email marketing campaigns, companies should be segmenting their email contact list to be able to create more personalized emails, and, as long as the emails themselves are user-friendly, creative, and valuable for the subscribers, companies can generate a higher return on investment from their email marketing efforts compared to any other promotional effort.

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