Attracting Consumers With Out-of-the-box Tactics

Some of the most effective promotional strategies that companies can use in their efforts to attract consumers aren’t the most popular ones.

There are plenty of strategies that companies can choose from when creating their promotional campaigns, but it’s always important to choose those that fit a company’s business the best.


One of the most simple and fun ways that companies can bring more customers in, especially for businesses that are very consumer-oriented, is by creating a mascot. Putting a positive and friendly face to a business is one of the best ways that companies can generate more interest from consumers. Some of the most popular mascots around the world include the mascots from McDonald’s, Duolingo, and various sports teams.

All of these are examples of brands trying to personify their businesses through a character that people can recognize. When a company is choosing its mascot, it should make sure that the mascot will symbolize the spirit of the company itself, engage consumers, and develop a positive impression.


While deciding which goals a company’s public relations campaign needs to achieve, businesses should be using the acronym SMART. This acronym stands for “S” – specific goals that the business will be able to communicate with other people; “M” – measurable goals through various programs and analytics that will show the performance of the campaign towards the goals; “A” – actionable goals which can be broken down into smaller tasks and objectives, that have realistic timelines; “R” – realistic goals, which means the company should be setting reasonable goals, not things that take years or big budgets to truly achieve; and”T”, which stands for “time-based” goals, which means that companies should establish deadlines for achieving their overall campaign goals.

Celebrity Partnerships

There are many great returns that companies can get through a celebrity endorsement. When looking to work with a celebrity, it’s important that companies look towards the long-term of what they plan to do and promote, and that they make sure that the contract with the celebrity is bulletproof. If a celebrity gets other tempting offers, they might not stick around with that business.

For a company to capitalize on the popularity of a celebrity, it should be creating a wide-ranging campaign filled with activities and events that the celebrity can be involved with. An important thing to remember when working on such campaigns is to keep the rights to all of the photos of the celebrity from those events, in order to use them in future promotional efforts.


One of the great ways that companies can tell their own story with relative ease is by creating a blog and sharing posts. Another important reason why companies should have their own blogs is to make it easier for other outlets, or even bloggers and influencers, to include the business in their own content.

Having a blog allows other industry members, as well as consumers, to see what a business has done and said, and even what other people are saying about that business. Blogs also allow companies to be more creative with their content, figure out different ways to get the attention of their consumers, and offer valuable information.

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