Innovative Strategies for Media Coverage

Getting the attention of the right media outlets isn’t always easy for companies. They have to think outside of the box and figure out new angles or stories that will get them a placement in a relevant outlet. However, there are certain strategies that help businesses navigate this difficult task a bit better, which don’t have to be too costly.

PR Stunts

Every company that’s savvy with public relations has tried pulling a PR stunt in some way. The goal of a PR stunt is to generate word-of-mouth promotional messaging that gets people talking about a business for days.

Some of the best PR stunts related consumers to the company’s products, grab their attention in a creative way and entertain. However, it’s not always easy to execute a PR stunt.

Before doing one, companies should make sure that what they are trying to do is within the limits of the law, that it fits in with the company’s reputation and image, and that it doesn’t upset anyone in the public.

Sponsored Events

Companies can show that they care about more than just their profits and bottom line by sponsoring different local events. This can mean sponsoring anything from a sports event or a town fair to a charity event.

Promoting and sponsoring these types of events can carry a great deal of value in terms of publicity for any business, and it’s always been one of the more popular Public relations strategies for companies in the past.

All it takes is for a company to find an event that can be linked to its products or services, and then support that event in a direct way. These efforts create a positive impression of the company with the public and can generate more word-of-mouth marketing.

Brand Ambassadors

Both employees and customers can become brand ambassadors for a business. The simple fact that someone is using a company’s products or services turns them into a great opportunity for a third-party endorsement.

That means companies should be encouraging their employees to talk positively about their brand and its solutions and engaging with past customers in a way that encourages them to share their experiences with the business and its products.

This can help companies turn their customers into brand ambassadors, which makes other potential customers more likely to make a purchase from that business.

Other customers are more likely to make a purchase in this case what they are purchasing will have third-party endorsements, which most consumers generally trust.

Company Spokesperson

Most of the public relations work that companies do is a team effort. PR is done by a group of people who work together toward a common goal to promote a business. However, every company should have at least one person that’s going to respond to any questions or queries that are related to the business.

That means one person should be assigned to communicate with the press, hold press conferences, and even attend interviews with journalists. This person should always be clearly designated as the go-to for any promotional efforts that involve media outlets, which means their contact information should be included in every press release.

Lastly, the company’s spokesperson should always have media training, understand the key messages that the business is trying to promote, and practice answering different questions.

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