Crisis PR

Crisis PR

Any negative situation that generates attention from media outlets or the general public can have a direct impact on businesses, which is where Virgo PR can help clients successfully navigate such situations and mitigate reputational damage. Every business should have a crisis PR plan in place before such situations arise to be able to navigate any sort of crisis well.

Our Expertise in Crisis PR

There are a number of things that go into crisis PR and the team of PR professionals at Virgo PR is experienced enough to be able to help any client face such situations smoothly. From creating a response team and devising a strategy, to creating a response and messages for the public, monitoring situations before, during, and after they happen, and reviewing once everything is over, Virgo PR can effectively mitigate a client’s crisis situations.

What to Expect

In today’s era, companies have to be ready to respond momentarily to any sort of negative public situation, and with the services and capabilities of Virgo PR, any company will be able to do so more effectively. That’s why the PR professionals on board provide training and preparation, as well as monitoring to help clients get ahead and quickly mitigate any negative comments before they manage to devolve into a crisis.

Our Results

A crisis situation isn’t always going to be a time where companies have to face public and media scrutiny as sometimes, they can simply deal with wrong timing. Virgo PR can help clients deal with all sorts of situations, as an example from the work with the cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse, Ready Player me.

Case Studies



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