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The mobile platform for on-demand drivers who are looking to improve their earnings and experience around driving started working with Virgo PR to promote the technology and app and generate awareness through a digital PR campaign that would highlight Gridwise’s differentiating features. The company wanted to raise brand awareness of Gridwise’s capabilities and get more people from the ridesharing industry to start using the platform and reaping the benefits it offers.

With the ridesharing market being valued at over $60 billion, which is set to increase to about $220 billion in the next few years, Gridwise has stepped in to offer a solution to drivers who are working in this niche, with its real-time alerts and the vast amount of data. The mobile platform allows its users to help earn more during their driving hours by telling them where they should be, and when, to get the most benefit out of their working hours.

Through collecting data from various third-party APIs, such as traffic services, events, weather, social media, and local news, as well as crowdsourcing some of the data from the current network of drivers, the platform and mobile app, with the help of Virgo PR, managed to grow to tens of thousands of users, and over a million rides.

Virgo PR was tasked to develop a public relations and marketing campaign that would be shared with relevant media channels, as well as helping the platform with its monetization strategy, which involved advertising its products to ride-sharing drivers. The agency was also responsible for the public relations content strategy, timing, placement, and advertising of the campaign.


Virgo PR and its team analyzed the platform and its marketing efforts on its social media marketing campaigns, the messaging, the frequency of sharing content as well as which platforms were being used.

The agency then helped Rebel Ventures in creating a revised social media campaign, and balanced the social content and posts that were being shared across all platforms for all the sports teams working with the firm. It carefully and successfully executed a balanced social media marketing campaign that consistently secured coverage across relevant industry media channels. The Virgo PR team developed a strategic public relations and marketing plan to generate opportunities with targeted outlets to build on the platform’s position and reach its key customer and secure through leadership opportunities.

Additionally, Virgo PR also created further digital public relations content for relevant industry media outlets, reporters, and journalists, and helped the platform in creating long-term strategic growth. When putting together the new strategy, the agency and the technology firm looked at the types of consumption and other various metrics to assess and define the best content and strategies moving forwards.


With the help of Virgo PR, Gridwise managed to close several millions of dollars in funding from different investors in the technology industry. This allowed the platform to expand into multiple locations around the United States, as well as set plans for global expansion, as well as the autonomous rideshare market.

The number of users of the platform has increased, and with it, the users have also increased their earnings an average of 39 percent per hour, while also providing highly targeted advertising on the platform’s behalf for these drivers as an additional monetization opportunity.

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