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Xclaim operates the only independent online trading platform for crypto bankruptcy claims. With the largest network of buy-side traders, crypto account holders can trust the competitive and transparent solution of an open-market platform to deliver the highest price and most favorable terms. Xclaim is relentlessly focused on helping its customers unlock value and better allocate risk amid rapidly changing market conditions. 


Xclaim approached Virgo seeking assistance to establish their service to a broader audience. Virgo’s immediate priority was to amplify Xclaim’s mission and brand presence, through proactive media outreach, product reviews, and thought leadership opportunities, resulting in mainstream business, technology, and crypto trade publications exposure. 

As the crypto market began to severely destabilize, Virgo worked closely with Xclaim’s team to provide unique perspectives and forward-looking insights on legal rights and best practices to recover losses. The interest generated from the media helped Xclaim reach new buyers and sellers; consequently, listing claims up to $2.5 million.


Executing Virgo PR’s proposed strategy supported Xclaim’s overarching goal of pivoting to become a solely crypto-focused platform and appealing to a more consumer-based audience. Through Virgo’s initiatives, Xclaim appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Yahoo! Finance amongst other top-tier publications. Directly linked to its dominant media exposure, Xclaim reported its highest revenue growth during the first quarter of 2023. 

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Strategic Planning

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