Strategic Planning

A successful public relations campaign first has to have direction, strategy, and focus. Virgo PR can narrow down a brand’s short and long term goals, analyze them, research where the brand currently is in terms of those goals, and then create a detailed and effective roadmap to achieve those goals.

At the heart of public relations is planning and creating strategies for public relations campaigns. Without an effective strategy, brands can’t know whether the campaign has the right impact on the target audience, whether the right marketing solutions are being used, or if the brand’s content is being released to the public and the press at the correct time.

Although most businesses tend to focus mostly on their long term goals, with strategic planning, Virgo PR is further able to plan around them with short term goals because the nature of public opinion is ever-changing.

Marketplaces are constantly shifting, which means brands have to have strategies in place that are adaptable and can evolve according to the given circumstances. There is a great amount of flexibility that comes with creating any sort of strategy, and it requires an understanding of how and which things are changing throughout time.


For brands looking to remain at the forefront of consumers’ minds, they have to be regularly heard. With Virgo PR’s strategic planning, the agency frequently goes over the previous media coverage that the brand has achieved in the past, and focuses on what has previously worked, and figures out what might work with the public and the media in the future. This is done through presentations, reaching out to the target audiences, launching appealing products and services, and crafting memorable campaigns.

Managing Crises

For many brands, a public relations crisis comes suddenly and unexpectedly. Businesses are then left scrambling to manage the negative situation, the brand’s reputation, the public’s opinion, and even the decrease of the brand’s equity. However, Virgo PR can provide the right tools, technologies, and strategies for clients’ brands to avoid any crisis completely or see a situation coming and mitigate it before it snowballs into a possible crisis.


With strategic planning, brands can also focus on things that are relevant to the business while leaving all of the public relations initiatives to Virgo PR, while trusting and knowing that everything will be executed correctly. The strategic planning process allows brands and the agency to avoid any of the guesswork that’s frequently involved in creating campaigns and plans while also maintaining the brand’s core values and mission statements. With attention-grabbing and memorable campaigns, brands can explore both traditional and new marketing techniques and find out what will work best for each product or service without sacrificing the company’s time or goals.

Case Studies


Planning and executing events can be a long and laborious experience for anyone, whether they have the right experience and connections or not.

Grid Wise

A brand’s reputation is an investment in itself, and businesses looking for success must pay a lot of attention to their reputation.

Green Box

Matching the right celebrities or influencers with the right brands might come easy to some.

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