SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Even the smallest businesses can use an efficient SEO strategy that will help them become more competitive in their markets.

Those strategies work to improve the company’s website presence on search engine results pages and generate more organic website traffic.

In fact, the SEO strategies for small businesses are essential in generating website traffic without investing in advertising campaigns across other digital channels.

Whenever a company’s business website shows up in search results, that company becomes more competitive and drives more website traffic, which can then, in turn, generate more engagement and sales.

Not optimizing a company’s website for search engines usually means that that company’s competitors will be the only ones that show up in the search engine results pages for potential customers, and it might lead to situations where the target audience doesn’t even know that the company exists.

However, by using the right SEO strategies, continuously monitoring the performance of a company’s website, and conducting SEO audits, companies can greatly improve their SEO efforts and website visibility in search engine results pages.


Through keyword research, small businesses can figure out which words they need to use on their business websites when they’re creating content for it, along with ideas for potential pages, titles, and even URLs.

Keywords are incredibly important for SEO because that’s one of the main ways that search engines categorize what websites are about, and through keyword research, companies can figure out which words are the most relevant to their businesses and their target audience.

Then, by using those keywords inside the website, the company can ensure that any potential customers that use those same keywords in their search queries will be able to find the website.

Alt Text

The alt text on images is used to describe the content of images to give more context to their content.

This can also help companies rank in image search results on search engines. The image alt text also helps companies make their websites more accessible because people that use screen readers can use those descriptions to get an idea of what an image is displaying on a website.

The alt text should be using descriptive words to show what’s being portrayed on the image, as well as relevant keywords from the keyword research that the business has previously conducted.


Most small businesses generally don’t think they have much to say to their audiences to create a lot of content for their business websites.

However, although they don’t need to create a lot of content, they should still make sure that all of the website copy is high quality and contains most of the target keywords from the keyword research.

This also helps companies improve their search engine visibility when the algorithms on search engines learn which search queries are relevant to the business and when to show users the website in search results.

Mike Paffmann is the CEO of Virgo PR. He has previously worked as a Vice President at Clarity PR, 5WPR, and Highwire PR.

Virgo PR is a full-service digital marketing and digital PR agency that caters to clients in all industries. Paffmann has over a decade of experience in the public relations industry and has provided diverse media relations programs for brands and corporations across enterprise, software, eCommerce, technology, and consumer apps of all sizes. He has worked with clients including IBM, Genies, Glint, Rebel Ventures, AppAnnie, Owl Labs, car2go, Vkanesee, and more.

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