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Social Media for B2B Brands

Companies in the B2B industry that haven’t started investing in social media platforms are losing out. These communication channels have been vital for consumer brands, both as a way to reach target audiences and to build stronger and more engaging relationships with their consumers. In general, B2B brands have been slower than consumer brands to …

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PR Comms tips for cryptocurrency companies amid layoffs and industry struggles

Regular layoff has led to a crisis of confidence in the cryptocurrency industry. Companies have stated that layoffs have been necessary for operational efficiency and dark times mean weeding out companies that are not genuine. Some companies had to curb their ambitions for growth in an attempt to stay afloat. had to let go …

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How to maintain well-rounded digital marketing efforts

There is more to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy than catchy headlines. Digital marketing now combines a variety of tools and activities. Marketers also have to continually assess whether their initiatives are worth the investment. A well-rounded digital marketing plan keeps the approach fresh and relevant to customers and stands out from competitors. Given below …

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Basics of Email Marketing

When a company sends out automated emails to its email newsletter subscribers, it’s important for them to be very personalized. However, that doesn’t mean the company should only include the first name of the person that’s receiving the email, it goes far beyond all that, including actual personalization efforts that are going to be based …

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Rich Media and Sales

Elements such as infographics, videos, and gifs are all considered to be rich media and are a great way for companies to generate more conversions through their advertising campaigns. There are many reasons why companies need to incorporate rich media in their promotional efforts, but ultimately, it’s important for companies to know that incorporating rich …

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Facebook and Email Marketing

There are a few different ways that companies can integrate their marketing use of social media platforms, and more specifically Facebook, with their email marketing. It can be integrated strategically so that companies save time and operate more efficiently while connecting with consumers consistently. This will allow companies to reach out to thousands of potential …

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