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The online male affordable fashion brand and eCommerce store TAYLRD, which is looking to make shopping for clothes simple, easy, and attainable for men, tasked Virgo PR with expanding its growth and reaching more people in the brand’s target market through a public relations and a marketing campaign. The brand wanted to raise awareness of its products and expand upon its audience so that more people would start shopping at affordable prices, and benefit from its excellent services.

With free returns and free three-day deliveries on applicable orders, as well as fast shipping times, Virgo PR successfully developed promotional content for the brand that would be shared on social media platforms as well as any relevant media outlets. The agency was also responsible for the content strategy, placement, timing, and advertising of the public relations campaign.


The fashion brand’s target market was young individuals who are just starting their journey in the workforce for the first time and needed to build an affordable wardrobe. Through research, Virgo PR realized that about 40% of the current TAYLRD audience was actually women, shopping for the men in their lives, and then began developing a campaign to incorporate those buyers into the brand’s marketing strategies.

With existing relationships in both the fashion and supply-chain industries, Virgo PR was able to help TAYLRD with fostering new connections that would help the fashion brand expand and grow in their efforts.

The promotional and marketing efforts also included planning and executing mobile pop-up shops throughout the United States where the brand could showcase its products, in a space equipped with fitting rooms, a lounging area, music, a stocked bar, and a TV. The goal of this effort was to merge shopping with enjoyable experiences for the buyers, as well as educating more people about the product and the company itself. The pop-up shop execution also included a separate page on the brand’s website where the target audience could follow along for the journey around the country, and be notified when the brand would show up near their locations.

Additionally, Virgo PR also secured high-quality media placements for TAYLRD that would be well-received by the public and raise brand awareness, about the brand’s affordability and the good fit, great products, and its eCommerce solutions.


The men’s apparel brand has been growing 100 percent year over year, both in sales as well as brand loyalties that have helped spread the word without the company needing to invest in many big marketing campaigns. Virgo PR helped in raising awareness of the accessibility of the brand’s clothes, and emphasized the company’s core idea of reliable services and providing the support that people could count on.

TAYLRD managed to expand to multiple cities with the help of Virgo PR’s marketing and promotional efforts, as well as raise more funding for the company’s efforts. By creating an attractive and attention-grabbing campaign through multiple strategies, Virgo PR managed to improve the brand’s engagement with the target audience as well as improve its sales efforts.

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