What is Public Relations?
Complete Virgo PR Guide

What is Public Relations?: Complete PR Guide

PR, or Public Relations, is the industry that aims to help businesses and organizations communicate with their audience or customer. For almost every business, it is necessary that they reach out to new audiences and achieve their set of objectives. A PR firm can help the business in this endeavor by helping assemble people, research the market and the trends, and finally, use the latest technologies to help their clients. It will be the job of a PR firm to help the business or organization better reach their audience. This can be done when the business understands their audience and finds the ways in which they can engage with them in a meaningful manner.

In a broader sense, it will be the job of the PR firm to inform and influence the public about a business, their services, and products. The Public Relations industry is an essential one – and must be a part of a businesses’ communication strategy. Depending on the company or business – they may choose to have an in-house PR team or hire an experienced PR firm. Both the alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages – and many businesses choose the services of a PR firm rather than try and navigate the world of communication themselves.

What is a PR firm?

For a business or organization, public relations is an important facet of their operation. The organization can choose to have their own PR people or hire a PR firm to manage their communications. A PR firm is basically an organization that provides professional services pertaining to communications between their client (the business) and their client’s target audience. The services broadly consist of creating and managing messages from the company to the public in a bid to influence the public opinion or inform them of their client’s products/services.

PR forms perform a crucial function – since by informing and influencing the public, they can prompt people to take favorable action such as purchasing the client’s products. The PR firm accomplishes this by creating and distributing messages through non-personal methods – including social media, newspapers, magazines, televisions, and radio.

One of the important jobs that an experienced PR firm performs is understanding their client’s target audience. It would make no sense for them to reach out to a demographic that will not be interested in the businesses’ products. By identifying the key demographics for a product or service, they can target their PR campaign towards them. The PR firm can also target different demographics with different messages in order to effectively engage a larger section of the audience. This is done by the PR professionals to help the business achieve their objectives of expanding the audience they can reach out to.

What Services does a PR firm offer?

Every experienced PR professional understands the fact that lasting results for the business are the result of a good strategy backed by effective execution. The main objective of PR Services is to drive results – be it better engagement, reaching a wider audience, or achieving the business’s goals. For this to be possible, the business needs to choose a PR firm that can help them with their objective.

Media Relations

One of the main functions of a PR firm is to invest resources into maintaining positive relationships with people in media. By investing time and energy into these relationships, the PR firm can place their clients in press releases, editorials, and TV appearances. This will help promote the company or their products.

The use of media is strategic when it comes to reaching out to the target audience of a business. Media can help magnify the voice of the business and help grow its brand awareness. While advertising can accomplish the same goals – media helps a business reach out to their audience differently.

If the business does not have any pre-existing contacts in the media sphere, or the knowledge of how to make a story gain traction, then it can be quite challenging for them to put out their story. A PR firm that has experience working with key people from media can help the business with their insider’s knowledge and access. If the business works with a PR firm, they will not have to spend important resources towards establishing the same connections themselves.

Quite often, media relations get confused with public relations. But media relations is simply a service provided by PR firms – which can help facilitate how a business or company engages and interacts with media.

PR Strategy Development

To make sure that every point of contact between the business and their audience is covered, PR requires the use of effective strategies. By taking the help of a PR firm, the business can take advantage of tried and tested strategies that ensure results. The strategy will consist of coordinating a wide range of tasks that include effective media relations, event planning, and taking up relevant opportunities that can help the business grow themselves.

PR strategies include various tasks that can help the business with their image.

They can incorporate: 

  • Content writing for the company website or blog.
  • Coordinating press conferences to either make important announcements or manage a crisis.
  • Hosting events in relevant communities – either online or offline – to promote a business’s link to their audience.
  • Creating messages or message templates for internal communications, or for communication between their client and another business.

For a PR campaign to be successful, it is necessary that the strategy the firm uses is coherent and effective. A good strategy will help achieve the clearly defined goals of the business. The strategy will take the business’s strengths and weaknesses into account – and ensure that what makes them stand out remains the focus. A PR firm can help develop a communication program or a strategy that can help attract or drive results.

Content Marketing

The term ‘content’ is rather broad. It consists of everything from press releases to stories to the company’s blog. When it comes to the function of content marketing, the PR firm will focus on content that is organic and unpaid. For example, the PR firm might maintain a blog for the company that will help establish them as a source of authoritative information on subjects related to their industry. It can also involve other content, such as social media copy, to establish the brand’s image that aligns with what they want to project.

Properly curated content can help a brand engage with their audience or attract new demographics. Content is one of the most important tools that can help a company attract and retain customers. If the content that the brand shares is valuable or fun, then it is very likely that their audience will share the content with others or think of the company when they look for products/services.

PR and content are closely tied. PR professionals and publicists often have a background in content creation or journalism. This means that the content produced on the behalf of their clients will be credible and valuable.

Event Coordinating and Experiential Marketing

Along with creating a PR strategy and taking care of the content, a PR firm also helps businesses organize or host events. The events can be online, offline, or it may be an experimental campaign. The main purpose of the events is to engage with the business’s target audience and help promote their image or products. It can include hosting events, organizing conferences, or promoting the brand at festivals.

By organizing events, a PR firm can get people to talk more about the brand. It improves the brand’s visibility, helps them connect better with their customer, and also helps build brand loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

Since social media platforms are crucial in building the brand’s image, a PR firm can help them grow their target audience and see that their message reaches out to a wider audience. Similar to content marketing, social media marketing also offers a platform to build the business’s reputation. It will be the responsibility of the PR firm to identify the best social media channels for the business to promote themselves, and allow them to grow.

The social media platform used will depend on what the business focuses on. For instance, a B2B focused business will have a very different social media presence than a business that focuses on B2C. Social media can help support the growth of the brand, and is a useful tool for the brand to engage with the public.

Influencer Relations

With the growth of social media, new ways of engaging with a brand’s audience have evolved. One of the newer ways is influencer marketing. It is essential for a business to have good influencer relations. Media relations used to be the crucial form of contact between a brand and their audience, but that has changed in favor of social media and social media influencers. An effective PR strategy must involve outreach to influencers, and better engagement with them.


Public relations need to pay attention to the kind of message they send out on behalf of the company or business. The message should align with the image of the brand, and with the content that the company usually puts out. Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining the brand’s image. The company’s goals, mission, and vision – they all come into play when determining what kind of message should the PR firm put out.

Type of PR Jobs

A public relations firm will have a number of roles within it. To complete tasks across a variety of niches – they need workers in a number of different areas.

Social media manager

It is the responsibility of the social media manager to promote the brand and engage with the audience of the brand across various social media channels. It is also their responsibility to coordinate the various content that gets uploaded to the different social media channels, and see to it that the brand’s voice is maintained across all brands.

They are also responsible for creating social media calendars of various content that aligns with the overall strategy formulated. They may also interact with the brand’s target audience through various comments – and see to it that they are written in the brand’s voice. A social media manager is also responsible for tracking various data points that will help them monitor if their social media strategy is succeeding or not.


A publicist usually works with the business and forms a public relations strategy that aligns with the goals of the business. Using the strategy, a publicist comes up with PR campaigns, events, and outreach programs that will help to deploy the strategy effectively.

They are also the key figure when it comes to managing a crisis. If the business has received bad publicity, or negative press, then it becomes the publicist’s job to formulate a plan that can help the business recover their image.


Press releases, blog posts, speeches, and social media copies are a crucial part of public relations – and a copywriter is responsible for writing them. The main priority of the copywriter is to create copy that can effectively help execute the PR strategy. It is important for them to possess creativity and versatility – so that they can adapt to writing in a voice that matches that of the business.

PR Specialist

A public relations specialty is responsible for networking and creating contents within the journalism and media community. Their role is an extremely important part of PR. They are the ones primarily responsible for media relations – and seeing to it that their client can get featured in newspapers, magazines, TV etc.


A spokesperson is the in-house PR representative of the business. Their responsibility is to be the face of the business. They are usually responsible for representing the brand in public appearances, television appearances, and speeches. They need to be good speakers who can speak in the voice of the brand, all the while improvising answers to specific questions.

If the business faces a crisis, then the spokesperson tends to face the brunt of criticism and the negative press.

Why Public Relations is Important for Every Business?

While public relations is a term that is commonly used – what it entails can still cause confusion. It is often mistaken for media relations. But PR encompasses a whole lot more. It is necessary for every business or organization to have a strategy to improve their marketing and engage with their audience – and PR can help them with it.

Helps Manage the Business’s Reputation

For a business to thrive, it is necessary that they maintain their reputation. PR can help with that goal. Usually, PR firms are well-connected to trusted media sites. If the business is in a situation where their advertising campaign fails, or they receive a lot of backlash, then these media connections can help the business repair the damage.

Promotes the Brand’s Values

A business should have goals, vision, and values in place. When a brand has strong values, it helps build trust in their customers. It also helps maintain the loyalty of their customers. One important value that a business should help establish is trust. When the customers trust a brand, their business may reach new heights. On the flip side, if the brand loses the trust of their customers, then it could lead to a loss in sales.

To build trust, the brand can engage the services of a PR firm. With a PR firm – their experts and professionals can help improve the authority of the brand and build their reputation. They may also help with sending positive and relatable messages from the brand to their audience.

Helps Strengthen Community Relations

In order to strengthen community relations, it is necessary that the business also strengthens their public relations. To make a presence in a community, the business needs to be actively involved in it. They can get involved by organizing events, donating to charities, or even by joining groups. When a business is actively involved in the community, it makes them come across as reliable and credible. PR can help the business build ties and connections to the local community.

Enhances the Online Presence of the Business

In this digitally connected world, it is necessary that every business has a strong online presence. To have this presence, a business can take the help of a PR firm. PR firms can help a company with support and guidance regarding their online presence – how to market themselves and how to manage a crisis. They can also help publish content for the company.


When it comes to managing a crisis, building an online following, or even better their reputation – a business can benefit from the services of a public relations firm. Experienced experts will be better at working through all the necessary details, and help the business accomplish their aims and goals.

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