Influencer Marketing and Celebrity Marketing

Although celebrities have been used in public relations and marketing campaigns for a long time, the past few years have given rise to social media influencers. These people often have the same reach as their celebrity counterparts in terms of numbers of followers and fans, but sometimes can have an even stronger bond with their target audiences.

There are celebrities and influencers to cater to every imaginable target audience, so choosing the best to promote a brand is no easy task. Fortunately, Virgo PR has strong relationships with celebrities and influencers across various industries and can connect its client’s brands to the right audiences. Additionally, plenty of marketing campaigns can get many advantages with the right influencer or celebrity marketing.

It’s common to mistake influencer marketing for celebrity endorsement, which tends to overlap in strategies. However, the two have their essential differences. For starters, when it comes to celebrity marketing, it usually means attaching a celebrity’s fame to a certain product or a brand to get the public to make a purchase. 

On the other hand, with influencer marketing, brands can create word-of-mouth advertising campaigns by using the influencers’ relationship with their target audience, and build up the image of the brand, while also getting the audience to make a purchase.

The public tends to identify a lot more with these influencers than celebrity superstars, which makes certain marketing campaigns a lot more effective when they also involve an influencer. Meanwhile, certain celebrities have a special connection with their audiences. Having a celebrity endorse the product or the brand can easily make the entire marketing campaign a lot more popular.

Whatever the case may be, Virgo PR has the expertise and experience necessary to create, develop, and maintain strong relationships with the right influencers and celebrities that will benefit its clients’ brands. In order to ensure that each client’s marketing campaign is aligned in a way that can drive maximum brand awareness and convert leads, Virgo PR uses all of the tools and proprietary data that are available at the start as well for the entire duration of a marketing campaign.

All of the influencer and celebrity campaigns that Virgo PR works on are primarily developed with a results-first approach, by asking what the brand wants to achieve with the campaign, and working backward, from looking into the current situation of the brand, and working with all of the available tools to create a meaningful campaign that’s going to attract the target audience’s attention, by connecting the brand with the right influencer or celebrity, and generate success for the client and their company.

Targeting the right audience with the right people at the right time becomes a lot easier with Virgo PR’s influencer and celebrity marketing services, as our campaigns can send the right messages to the public and get excellent results.

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