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The Philadelphia-based startup that makes autonomous service robots for different businesses, and created Promobot, as a way of helping different organizations. The company was launched in 2020 and enlisted the help of Virgo PR to promote its product, raise brand awareness, increase brand reach, and drive growth through an executive public relations campaign during a tumultuous year worldwide. Various interactive and helpful Promobot robots, that are helping optimize the workplace and assisting employees are located at airports, the Moscow metro, IKEA stores, and various crowded locations around the globe.

The startup that creates autonomous service robots created an excellent product that would help public health services in detecting the spread of the pandemic and taking appropriate measures to mitigate that spread. The team at Promobot created a special software that could help detect Coronavirus symptoms in people by asking them relevant questions about possible symptoms. Armed with a touch-screen tablet, the service robot responds to verbal cues, answer questions, and print out documents or photos, and with the help of Virgo PR, the robot was placed in New York’s Times Square as well as other locations around Manhattan to ask the general public about possible symptoms as well as give advice and information about what the public can do to protect itself from infectious diseases.

These Promobot robots were designed to be Thermo control screening stations and conducted contactless temperature measurement in public areas and handing out protective face masks. The people interacting with the robot could fill out a short questionnaire or have a conversation and managed to perform tests on several hundred people. This campaign, which was designed with the help of Virgo PR, was with the goal to show the public how this technology can be useful in different settings and enterprises.


The Virgo PR team of professionals was tasked with organizing and executing the campaign in different locations around New York City to spread awareness of both Promobot’s products and Covid-19 safety. Due to the help of the agency, the startup behind the autonomous robots managed to create engaging interactions with the general public, where people learned more about the autonomous robot industry, and saw it in action, while also learning how to better protect themselves from infectious diseases.

Virgo PR helped the startup in creating an event and a public relations campaign by carefully and successfully secured consistent coverage across relevant industry and mainstream media channels. The team of experts at the agency developed an outstanding campaign and plan that ended up generating valuable opportunities with targeted outlets.


With the help of Virgo PR, the startup Promobot managed to successfully plan, strategize and carry out an executive campaign in the middle of one of the busiest locations in the world, the heart of New York City, where hundreds of people interacted with the company’s impressive technology.

Although the company was already present in different countries in the world, it was also successfully introduced and expanded into the US market because of Virgo PR’s campaign, and the agency was able to place profile stories about Promobot in numerous relevant media outlets.

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