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The leading sports digital strategy and tech venture firm Rebel Ventures started working with Virgo PR in the firm’s collaboration with sports franchises and their digital media efforts. In Rebel Ventures’ work to help brands and corporations in realizing their maximum potential in digital, while expanding their possibilities for success, fan engagement, and monetization, the firm enlisted Virgo PR and the agency’s capabilities.

Virgo PR was tasked to further develop the campaign through additional promotional content that would be shared with relevant media channels. The agency was also responsible for the public relations content strategy, timing, placement, and advertising of the campaign.


The team at Virgo PR analyzed the tech firm and its efforts, along with its collaborating notable sports teams that are working with Rebel Ventures in their social media marketing campaigns, the messaging, the frequency of sharing content as well as which platforms were being used. 

The agency then helped Rebel Ventures in creating a revised social media campaign, and balanced the social content and posts that were being shared across all platforms for all the sports teams working with the firm. IT carefully and successfully executed a balanced social media marketing campaign that consistently secured coverage across relevant industry media channels.

Additionally, Virgo PR also created additional digital public relations content with the right media outlets, reporters, and journalists. As sports teams have a very fragmented fan base, that’s spread out across the entire world, all of the content was also tailored to fit the different segments of the target audience. When putting together the new strategy, the agency and the technology firm looked at the types of consumption and other various metrics to assess and define the best content and strategies moving forwards.

Virgo PR provided public relations copy to all relevant media outlets for both the collaborating sports teams as well as the tech firm itself, and utilized social media support to amplify the promotional campaign and reach the client’s goals. The partnership between Rebel Ventures and these sports teams allowed Virgo PR to help both in implementing the newest and the best technologies available that would be beneficial to all participants in these campaigns.

To help the firm in creating long-term strategic growth, Virgo PR was also tasked with helping create additional video content for Rebel Ventures and its collaborators, some of which have been shortlisted for different sports content awards.


This campaign led to successful media placements of the technology firm on notable and relevant outlets, which raised awareness of Rebel Ventures’ capabilities as well as the firm’s partnerships and collaborations with notable sports teams.

With the partnerships and digital video content creation, the technology firm and its collaborators expanded the monetization opportunities by starting new shows that are exclusively streamed on different social media platforms. The personalized social media marketing campaigns designed with the help of Virgo PR gained a lot of attention from media outlets and the target audience, which then allowed for more new opportunities to monetize that attention.

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