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A public relations event is an excellent opportunity for a company to showcase its brand or solutions to the general public, as long as it’s planned and executed the right way. Virgo PR is a public relations agency that understands the importance of PR events for its clients, as well as how to best plan and execute them to reach the client’s target audience, and the general public, and potentially generate media coverage. This is evidenced through our work with clients including Greenbox RoboticsPromobotTAYLRD, and more.

The art of public relations is mostly about generating publicity, whether that’s going to be about a brand, its solutions, or an event that the company is hosting. Being able to generate buzz around an event is essential if you’re looking to get more attendees, as well as generate more brand credibility and exposure through that event, at the same time.

But that doesn’t mean companies can only rely on a press release that they send out en masse to journalists or media outlets because the odds of the story getting picked up from a single press release aren’t very high. This is due to the sheer number of events that companies decide to host all over the world, which has increased by over 50% each year, according to Meetingbox.

That’s precisely why our clients decided to work with the team of PR professionals at Virgo PR, an industry leader in event management and all things PR. Event management, from start to finish, as well as the right PR strategies that are tailored according to the needs and goals of each company, allow our clients to differentiate themselves from other competitors and present their stories to the world.


Virgo PR has extensive experience in event management for its clients, from brainstorming event ideas, to planning, promoting, and executing events. All of the work that the PR professionals at Virgo PR do is focused on allowing the client to tell its authentic story through the event in a way that’s going to be appealing to the general public and media outlets, and become memorable to audiences.

Storytelling is the key ingredient that Virgo PR excels at, and since every company has a story to tell, through the right type of event, working with Virgo PR means that you can achieve your goals and ultimately, more success. That’s how we managed to introduce our client Greenbox to the public and media outlets, through strategic demos and announcements, while also positioning the company as an industry leader.

With the rise of digital outlets and social media, public relations strategies have turned into a key element in the performance of an event, through its promotion to the public. Our PR professionals have all the necessary tools and experience that you might need to plan and execute a successful event. That includes promoting the event to generate more attention and attract more attendees, monitoring the reception of the event with the public and media outlets, and its impact on your overall business goals.

How Our Event Management Team Can Help You

Planning and executing an event might seem like an easy thing to do, but businesses would have a lot more success working with a professional, like Virgo PR, instead of trying to do everything on their own. Company events have started happening on practically a daily basis since the pandemic first started, as virtual events allow companies and event attendees a lot more flexibility, which means that virtual events might be here to stay, according to LinkedIn.

This means companies are facing more competition than ever before, trying to promote and market their events, and have to work even harder to make sure their events are appealing to audiences and generate success. But when you work with Virgo PR, you get the benefits of working with professionals that have the knowledge and experience regarding what it takes to successfully plan, promote, and execute an event. Our professionals work hard to learn all about our client’s businesses and their solutions so that they can come up with a unique event that’s going to work to their benefit while generating a lot of attention.

Being a leader in the PR industry, Virgo PR already knows what kind of events and stories can generate media coverage and attention from audiences across a variety of industries. When pairing that knowledge with personalized event management and public relations strategies, you can expect a lot more value from these events. The PR professionals at Virgo PR work closely with clients to get a better understanding of their business operations, and what they want to achieve through the event that they’re looking to create.

This is how clients get the best possible services and capabilities from our PR professionals, that can connect companies with the right outlets and audiences at the right time, and develop attention-grabbing events that will allow the client to share the story that it’s trying to tell to the rest of the world and generate a positive return on investment. We understand how difficult it might be for a company to break through the noise and generate attention around an event, which is why we’re able to think outside the box and develop events that are going to intrigue many, as we managed to achieve with Promobot.

Success Stories

  • Our client Greenbox Robotics was looking to bring more automation to the cannabis industry through a state-of-the-art vending kiosk that provided a number of capabilities and benefits. The company worked with Virgo PR with the goal of generating brand awareness at a national level, and our PR professionals advised on the marketing and messaging efforts while creating a promotional plan that would introduce the brand and its solution, and position it as an industry leader. The result was live events and demos that were featured in numerous national and international outlets.
  • The digital male affordable fashion brand and eCommerce store TAYLRD worked with our PR professionals to reach and target more potential consumers through a marketing and public relations campaign. The goal was to generate more product awareness and increase the target audience of the client, which was achieved through event management in the form of mobile pop-up shops that fostered new connections for the brand, allowing it to grow and expand.  Virgo PR managed to secure high-quality placements in relevant outlets that were well-received, generated brand awareness, and educated audiences about the company and its solution.
  • Promobot is a Philadelphia-based startup making autonomous service robots for other businesses in an effort to help them. Virgo PR worked with Promobot to promote the product, increase its reach, drive growth and generate more brand awareness through event management and an executive public relations campaign. The campaign was organized and executed in different locations, spreading awareness about the products through engaging interactions and education that generated plenty of coverage and allowed the company to expand.

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Developing, planning, organizing, promoting, and executing an event in a way that attracts the attention of outlets, the general public, and target audiences is something that Virgo PR excels at, and that capability has allowed the agency’s clients to generate more success and growth. Event management and public relations go hand in hand if you’re looking to execute a successful event, and being able to tell a story through an event is an acquired skill that our PR professionals already have.

Whether you’re looking to create an event that’s going to generate more media coverage to attract more attendees, like our client TAYLRD, you need professionals to come up with a personalized event that’s going to be organized and executed in a way that grabs attention like our work with Promobot, or simply want to launch a brand new product through an event like we did with Greenbox and want to reach outlets and audiences, we’re able to plan, organize, promote, and execute successfully.

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