Event Management

Public relations and event management often go hand in hand with brands’ marketing campaigns. The former is in place to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between target audiences and companies, while the latter is to enhance all of those efforts.

Organizing an event is in itself a big plan that requires strong project management skills and can range from virtual webinars, seminars, conferences, fundraisers, launch parties to company cruises. To execute successful and memorable events that everyone wants to attend, brands often have to have both skill sets, when it’s much more beneficial to rely on Virgo PR’s efforts to do so.

Due to the rise of social media, public relations has become an integral element in how well an event can be marketed and well-received by the public. PR agencies have plenty of tools and strategies already in place for executing events with their clients. This can be anything from promoting an event to the target audience and getting each segment interested in monitoring social media conversations on how well the event is received.

Virgo PR has helped its clients turn good events into great events simply by maximizing the value of that event through strategic campaigns and effective event management. Virgo PR can implement the brand’s ideas and wishes in a unique way that will attract people’s attention and provide anything the company needs to realize those ideas, from lighting and sound to show technology and staging.

The essence of event management isn’t merely creating a great event that everyone will want to attend, promoting that event to the relevant target audiences, and then selling tickets and getting RSVPs. It’s a lot more about providing the brand a platform to intimately communicate with the target audience and what’s going to be communicated, how it’s going to be communicated, and the later response to that communication.


Coverage of the event, from the moment it’s announced to the public up until the very end, is crucial, and agencies can create plenty of social content around the event to promote the brand in the right way and to the right people. Events require a lot of planning, and it doesn’t simply mean setting up the tables or getting the right lighting. It also means crafting the right narrative for the public and the press beforehand, both for promoting the event and while the event is live, to ensure the event is a flawless experience for everyone involved.


There is a need for several relationship and event management tactics to create a successful event because both of these tactics mean engaging with different people and brands. Virgo PR can research and learn what’s going to attract the target audience to the event and the media outlets, stakeholders, or competitors in the industry, to get the most amount of engagement for the client’s event.

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